Monday, January 21, 2008

Ava's Bedroom Furniture

Michael and I had a pretty good weekend together. We got a lot accomplished, which was good. He finished painting the wall in Ava's room and decided to put the crib together in the entryway while the paint dried. I tried to tell him that he should probably wait to put it together in her room because we wouldn't be able to fit it through the doorway. But no, he said they design these things to fit through doorways... Needless to say he had to take it halfway apart in order to get it into her room. LOL. It felt good to be the one saying "I told you so" for once. ;-) So we have Ava's room all set up, as far as furniture goes anyway. Now I'm just waiting for the baby shower so I can finish putting away all of her things and get her room completely ready for her. YA!! I took a few pictures of her room with the furniture in it. You'll have to excuse the spots in the pics, I guess the lens wasn't clean.

I got a *BUNCH* of clothes from my neighbor and Melanie gave me a few outfits also. I went through all the clothes from my neighbor and gave some to Jeannie for Dawn. I just had so many, plus I'll be getting some at the baby shower I'm sure. I started thinking about it and she is gonna grow so fast that she probably wouldn't have even worn half of the clothes I had before she grew out of them. So I though it'd be nice to share :) Michael worked on the washer this weekend (it was broke) and got it working again.. well of course as soon has he leaves, the darn thing quit working again! UGH! Which is a bummer because I bought some Dreft so that I could wash all Ava's clothes and get them put away in her dressers, but now I cant :( Oh well... I guess it can wait, LOL. I do still have some time.

Last night Jeannie and Caity came over to my house to hang out like we did last Sunday. It was fun! I think we are gonna make it a Sunday tradition for us girls. At least for now... I made some pork chops, rice and gravy and green beans and they stopped at Olive Garden on the way and picked up some peach tea and an *awesome* chocolate cheese cake dessert thing. It was delicious. We had a good time hanging out and chit chatting. I love those girls!

Today has pretty much been a relaxing day.. I've read a little and been playing with Cookie a lot. I'm reading this book that Shauna gave me called "Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be" Its pretty good, I think ill go read some more. Goodnight loves.


Shauna said...

Her room looks really good. :-) You can't even tell that it had crap all over it! lol Oh btw...Dreft is the same thing as Cheer Free, but it's more expensive and you get less. :-)

Melanie said...

Ava's room is looking nice! A tip for you: You might want to raise her crib mattress for now. That way you don't have to bend WAY over to pick her up. Once she can sit and begins to pull up on things, then you can lower it back down for safety reasons. :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for the advise! I dont think we are going to keep her in the crib at first though, but a bassinet. But I will take that into consideration once we start putting her in there. :) Thanks