Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

My love came home a day early. That's always lovely. His Dad gave us tickets to the Texans last pre-season game. The game itself was kind of crappy, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. It was my first Texans game to go to! :D This lady was passing out those long balloons they use to make balloon animals. She had given a row of about 5 guys each a balloon. If you could blow it up, you got a free Texans t shirt. So I asked her if we could join in and she said yes. My love won me a t-shirt! :D He was the only one that could do it. After we sat down, the other guys were still trying to blow it up 20 minutes later! It was pretty funny. I was proud of my hubby :D

Me and My Love at the Texans game

Amber painted more on her room. Its coming along nice. I'll be glad when I can get all the crap out of the front room this weekend.

Today I only have Chloe until 1 and then I'm hoping hubby will hang with the baby so I can take a short nap. This week has caught up to me and I'm exhausted. Maybe I should go to bed earlier than midnight or 1 when I have to get up at 5:45... That would be the smart thing to do but I digress.

We get Tyler this evening and I am excited. I have really missed having him around.

Ava's dedication is this Sunday morning at church. I am stoked! She is going to look absolutely beautiful! :)

Im really craving Estebans Mexican Restaurant right now! I've been craving it all week! YUM

Just put Chloe down for her morning nap and Ava is eating. Not much else going on around here.
Have a good Friday and an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pulling weeds

So yesterday I managed to get some weeds pulled out of the garden. I brought the girls outside on a blanket with some toys and they loved it. Both of them really like being outside. And although we were out there for clost to an hour, I didn't get even half of it done! Bummer.

I Seeeeeeee Youuuuuuuu!!!!

Look at those pretty blue eyes!

I was feeding Chloe yesterday and Ava was next to me in her boppy facing the other way. So she pushed her self over the back of it so she could see us. LOL It was so cute. Guess Mommy should have turned her facing us. I love my munchkin.

Monday, August 25, 2008

She's My Chunky Monkey

16 lbs 4 oz, 23 1/2 inches long

50th percentile for her weight and 10th percentile for her height.

So no, my munchkin isn't fat, she's just short and it makes her look like a fatty! :D

Ok... so mayyyybeee she is a little chunky.

But that's ok. She's MY chunky monkey!

And boy do I love that Chunky Monkey like no other!

Obviously, we had Ava's check up today. Her doctor looked (or should I say felt, as you can't actually see it) the three little spots on her that I figured was eczema. She says it is fine and just to keep lathering her up in lotion, which I already do.

I was a little apprehensive about telling her that I was already feeding Ava baby food. You aren't supposed to start them on baby food until they are about 6 months from what I have been told (where the hell is the baby handbook of do's and don'ts with all these "rules" cause I sure as hell didn't get one!) But of course I told her anyway. And she was totally fine with it. (not that I need permission on how to care for my child but it still felt good that she didn't seem to think it was a bad thing)

Ava has now moved up to step 2 baby foods as of last night. Her doctor says that once she has had all of the step 2, we can start giving her a little table food, like mashed potato's and so forth. I think I will hold off on that for a while though. I don't think I'm ready for ANOTHER milestone like that quite yet. She is growing up TOO fast!

I expressed my concerns to the doc about Ava's ears as well. She has been having excess drainage and sometimes even pulls on them. When I was little, I was in and out of the hospital with horrible ear infections. I had surgery when I was 3 to get tubes in my ears. So I was a little afraid that Ava may have the same problems.

Turns out, she has a small ear infection starting in her right ear. Bummer. Man I sure hope she doesn't have the same problems I did. She is now taking amoxicillin for the infection.

She also got her 4 month shots today (I know, I know! She is a month and a half behind on her shots.) My poor girl had a rough day today... and so did mommy. I sure hate seeing her in pain!

Today was my first day to keep Chloe. It wasn't so bad really. I was afraid it would be extremely overwhelming but it wasn't. Except for the doctor appointment. We got there a little after 2 (yes, I was late. But I at least called and told them I was running late. That counts for something right?)

First of all, that double stroller I bought from the resale shop (as we just can't afford to go spend a hundred and something bucks on a brand new one for minimal use) SUCKS! So, I will probably be taking that darn thing back!

Anyhow, we showed up a little after 2 and didn't pull into our driveway until about 4:30ish... So you can imagine the fussy little girls I had for 2 or so hours at the doctors office. But we managed and made it out alive! :)

Larry's son (Larry is Chloe's dad) missed the bus this afternoon at school so I ran and picked him up. I may possibly start picking him up from school and keeping him for a couple hours as well. He is 11 and was very respectful and well mannered. I really think I'm gonna enjoy keeping them and it's bringing in some money for the bills so that's always good.

Aunt Tami and Jess both stopped by this evening to visit. Jess and I made some chocolate and peanut butter brownies (YUM) and are watching Mr. Brooks (Yes, I just watched it with the hubby, but she has not seen it yet. And, well, I guess I'm not really watching it so much...I cleaned the kitchen and am now blogging.)

Moving on.

I'm hoping to get some laundry done tomorrow (I swear it is NEVER-ENDING!) and clean up a bit. Raina has given me SO MANY clothes and shoes for Ava and they have yet to be washed, sorted by size and put away. So I am hoping that, between caring for 2 little munchkins, I may have some time to do that as well.

Last week I cleaned out our master closet and now I would like to go through all my clothes and get rid of (man I really don't wanna let go of any of it) some of my clothes in order to make room for massive piles of Ava's clothes that need to be hung.

I guess I could do the smart thing and fold them and put them away in the completely empty dresser with 5 drawers that isn't being used in her room but I'd rather hang them. I'm the same way with my clothes. I hate having them in drawers cause I like to see them all. Clothes tend to get shoved in drawers and forgotten about.

So... we shall see how much I actually get accomplished. I need to get out in the front yard and pull all the weeds that taken over the flower beds as well... Maybe me and the girls will spend the morning outside...

Goodnight lovelies.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My hubby came home on Friday as he always does. We did not have the kids (other than Ava of course)so we got to spend a little quality time together which was nice.

Saturday morning we picked Elise up for the day. Elise gave me a Thank You card from her and Melanie with a gift card to a salon for a pedicure or whatever I choose. That was really sweet. (Thanks again Melanie!)

Michael mowed the yard while Elise, Ava and I ran up to The Children's Place and picked up a few fall clothes for Elise using a 15% off coupon (that I also got from Melanie). Glad to have a couple of outfits for her now.

Elise and Ava stayed with me while Mike ran to get a haircut and then they stayed with Mike while I ran to get a haircut as well. I planned on just getting it trimmed, but she cut off a little more than I had wanted. :( It's still fairly long I guess, but I really needed it. My hair is so much healthier now.

Mike's mom came into town to pick Tyler up from Melanie's and spend a little time with him. She came by here for a minute to visit as well, and then we took Elise home a little after 5.

Ava went to bed at 8:00 last night! (which was nice, as her bedtime is around 9-9:30 most of the time) So Michael and I cuddled up on the couch and watched Mr. Brooks together. (pretty good movie, in case you were wondering)

Today Mike and I took the vehicles for an oil change and a free wash. While they were doing that, we walked over to Black Eyed Pea and had lunch.

He left for Columbus and Ava and I came home and took a much needed nap. :D

I really enjoyed this weekend. Things have been going really well here for a while and I'm Levin it. I have seen a really big change in Mike for some time now and it's great. He interacts more with us and helps me out tremendously around the house and with the kids. I feel like we are now working together as a team and that's an awesome feeling. I hate that he is away so much for work, but it's been ok. He was home a lot last week because we had to meet with the lawyer and they also got rained out one day. So that was nice having him around a little more.

Tomorrow will be my first day keeping Chloe. She is 2 1/2 months older than Ava. I'm excited that Ava will have someone to interact with. I think she will really enjoy that.

Tomorrow is Back To School for the kiddos! Chloe will be dropped off around 6:30 and we will then be headed over to my mom's. Every year since Harley and Evan started school I have always gone over there on their first day and took them to school with my mom. I wont be going up to the school with them and walking them to their classrooms as I usually do with mom since I will have both babies and that may be a little difficult. But I'll get to see them before school nonetheless.

Ava has her check up tomorrow morning! I'm excited to see how much my little munchkin weighs now. She has a small spot on both of her arms and one of her legs that I think may be eczema. If so, it isn't bad. You can't see it. The only way I even know is because it feels a little rough is all. My little brother Jared had it and that's all it was. So I'll find out tomorrow I guess...

She is also due for her vaccinations. She still has not had her 4 month shots and will also be due for her 6 month shots pretty soon.

Well, I think I am finally caught up on the posts... Pictures and all :)

It's getting late and I have an early morning tomorrow and a busy day.

Makenzie's 1st Birthday Party

We were at Kenzie's birthday party last Saturday for 3 hours and had to leave in order to have Elise home by 5 and they still had not opened presents or cut the cake! So I only have 2 photos from the party, but just thought I'd share.

Birthday Girl

Pretty Girls

When I kept Raina's girls last Tuesday they all did each others makeup as well as my hair and makeup... Dontcha just love that DARK lipstick!? Whoa!

Elise didn't want to be in the photo. She had a long day and was pretty cranky at this point.

Wow, I should have them do my hair and makeup every day! (*cough* Sarcasm) :D

Elise's Little Lion

The other day, Ava was swinging and Elise picked up her boppy and put it around her head as shown in the photo above and said "She's a lion!". LOL
Elise and Ava watching The Little Mermaid

"Ima Eat Da Sh*t Outta 'Dis Teether!"

BA HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it! Pardon my french in the title, but it just fit so well with the photos. Not very classy, mommy talk but I sure as hell thought it was funny! Maybe it's just me. Who knows? :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My girl loves being outside.

Laying outside in the yard, playing.

Swinging on the front porch, watching the rain.

$2 Princess Castle. Can't beat that! :D

Elise and I went browsing at a few garage sales last weekend and came across this princess castle for 2 bucks and she just HAD to have it. When we got home, she was entertained for a good hour and a half. Daddy and Ava even played with her!

Cooper's 1st Birthday Party

Weekend before last was Cooper's first birthday party... Here are some photo's from that as well.


Here are the photos from Ryan's birthday at Boondoggles last weekend with Mike, Jen, Jess and Ryan....

HaHa! He was runnin' his mouth so I had to shut him up. ;-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Im slacking...


There's been a lot going on to blog about. Some pictures as well.

But I am just TOO damn tired to take the time to put together a post. Or 2... Or 3. Whatever.

It's been a busy, exciting, fun filled, long week.

-Had Elise Monday while Melanie worked, and Tuesday as well. She stayed with us Tuesday night and I dropped her off at school on Wednesday night. *edit: 'wednesday morning' not night...obviously, I was pretty tired.*

-Tuesday night Raina and Eric (our neighbors) went to Club Classic for a family members birthday celebration. So from the hours of 5:30 PM and 11:30 PM I had Madison, Morgan, Megan, Harley and Elise. (Elise went home around 8:30 and Michael put her to bed) But it was definitely a busy night. It was much easier than I had expected it to be. Megan is REALLY attached to her Mommy so I was expecting her to be pretty upset for most of the time they were gone but she didn't get upset once. That was awesome!...I'm rambling..

-Picked up Chloe from daycare for Andi both yesterday and today. Chloe is 2 months older than Ava (so 7 1/2mo.) and she is such a good baby!

-Harley has stayed the last couple nights with me.

-Michael is coming home tomorrow :D

-We get Elise on Saturday

-We don't get Tyler this weekend...

Ok... So maybe I really didn't have all that much to blog about. Either that or I just can't remember what it was I wanted to blog about. Probably the later.

It is 12:30. I can't believe I am still up. Well I can... but I really shouldn't be.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I love the weekend

After being home with Ava by myself all week (unless Tyler is here, but he has been at Melanie's a little more lately) it is always nice to enjoy the weekend with Michael and all the kiddos. Friday night, my Daddy kept Ava for a couple of hours so that Michael and I could go to Boondoggles (I think that was the name of the place?) It was Ryan's (boyfriend of one of my best friends, Jennifer) birthday and they had decided to hang out there and have a couple of drinks. So we joined them for a little bit and enjoyed the rest of the night together by ourselves after putting Ava to bed.

On Saturday morning we picked Elise up at 9. It wasn't our weekend, but Melanie let us have her for the day on Saturday so that she could attend a birthday party. We showed up to the party a little earlier in order to help Stephanie set up for Makenzie's first birthday party. The party started at 2 but by 4:30-ish they still had not even opened presents or cut the cake and Elise needed to be home around 5 or so. So unfortunately, we missed all of that, but at least Elise was able to enjoy a cupcake before leaving.

Last night, Eric and Raina joined with us for dinner. Eric brought his pit over and we threw some chicken and steaks on the grill. Mike made mashed potatoes and I made green beans. We also had Katie and Matt over as well Tyler of course. I enjoyed visiting with everyone and the food was delish. After dinner Michael, Tyler and I enjoyed some watermelon and played monopoly together. We were all pretty exhausted so ended the game a bit early, but it was still fun nonetheless.

Today Elise spent the day with me and will be tomorrow as well. I always enjoy having her. We ran to the grocery store and the girls (Madison and Morgan-Our neighbors) came over and played with her this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we had an incident with Tyler's mother at our house this afternoon that wasn't too pleasant. I have never seen her act that way before, but have heard of incidents involving other people. I was still pretty surprised that she barged into our home saying words in front of the kids that our 4 year old should NOT be hearing nor repeating. Ugh, drama...

Made dinner for Michael and I tonight. We played with Ava and have put her to bed. I am now going to crawl in bed with my book. Doubt I'll be reading for long tonight, as my eyes are already getting a bit heavy.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I got this taggie for Ava the other day. Elise has two of them that she carries around with her everywhere and sleeps with them. Ava has to have a blanket with her at all times to hold on to. I have a few really soft blankets that she likes but she can't use them right now because it is so hot outside! She already sweats in the car as it is so having a blanket on her doesn't help. Right now I have just been using receiving blankets but I decided to go ahead and get one of these taggies for her. They are really small so that way she will have something to hold on to without making her too hot. Her great grandmother (my Maw-Maw) is making her a couple of blankets. A regular sized one as well as her own little blanket some what similar to the taggies. I'm not sure when she will be finished with them, but until then we will be using the taggie and the receiving blankets. Raina is going to get Ava's name monogrammed on her taggie for me. I really can't wait for Maw-Maw to finish her blankets though. She made all of her grand kids baby blankets when we were born. Mine was a pink care bear one that I had up until I was 20! And yes, I slept with it every night. That is until I left it behind in Chicago when I had to pack up and leave in a hurry. Needless to say, my ex destroyed it. I was pretty upset about that.

She holds her own bottle now

Almost there...

Ava can sit up now... some what. She leans forward as shown in the photos below and sometimes she will fall over. She can't sit up straight yet, but she's gettin' there.

Pool Pics

Here are some pictures from Thursday when I took all the kids to the pool.

Jake, Nick, Harley, Ava and Evan



Harley and Ava
Evan and Jake