Sunday, August 10, 2008

Biter Biscuit!

Ava had her first Biter Biscuit today. She ate a little less than half of it and then she started fussing. She was ready for a nap, but she did enjoy it at first. Those things are messy! But it was cute nonetheless.

Today my girl is 5 months old. Unbelievable.

This past week has been a pretty busy one! Haven't had the time to blog, but I'll have to update soon. It is really late and I have been at the Urgent Care Clinic for 3 1/2 hours tonight with Tyler, Nick and an extremely fussy baby. Not fun. But a tetanus shot and 5 stitches later, we are home. I'll get to that in another post.

Tomorrow I have another interview and then a Dr. Appointment and after that it is cleaning day for sure. I tend to take a break on the weekends and it gets a bit messy. There were so many kids here that it's pretty much impossible to keep clean even if I were to be cleaning all day. So might as well relax a little and do it this week. Lol So that it what I shall be doing tomorrow as well as laundry.

Depending on how much I get accomplished tomorrow, I just might have a chance to blog! I'm hoping so. I hate when I get behind and then have trouble remembering everything. One reason, main reason for this blog is mainly to keep track of dates and memories. I have a horrible memory!

Which reminds me...
-July 24th I gave Ava her first vegetable, sweet potato's. She loved them.
-Next was squash. She wasn't too fond of it, but still ate it.
-Then carrots. Loved them.
-Then green beans. Loved them.
-Then sweet peas....


And I mean HATED them. She made the funniest face, would not open her mouth and actually was pushing my hand away from her mouth. I even tried mixing the sweet peas with the green beans thinking she might eat them then. Negative. She hates them. Surprisingly enough. I wasn't sure I'd ever come across anything that she didn't like. My girl sure loves to eat.
--She loves Pears, Bananas, Apples and Peaches too.

August 8th AND 9th--- She pooped in the bath tub. BOTH nights.

That was lovely.

Now that I have documented those wonderful little events, I must really go. The bed is calling my name.

But before I go...

I have pictures. Of course :D

Just gave her a Biter Biscuit

Yummy. This is tasty Mommy.

Now it's getting messy..

Bath time!

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