Friday, October 31, 2008

She can clap!

Michael taught Ava how to clap tonight!!! :D

2 teeth

I don't have much time to blog, but just wanted to document.

I feel Ava's gums every day to see if she has any teeth coming in. I haven't felt anything until yesterday! She has TWO teeth that broke through the gums yesterday!

And she hasn't been fussy or anything. She is such a great baby!

I love her.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Babies Are Napping...

And I'm just relaxing.

Felt like blogging even though I really don't have much of anything to blog about.

It's been a really good week. I guess I'm getting excited about celebrating Ava's first Halloween!

Michael had flowers delivered to me on Monday. Yea, he pretty much loves me. :) Thank you My Love.

I got Ava a few outfits yesterday. She has a few fall winter outfits that her Uncle David bought her as well as a few I have picked up here and there. We got them in sizes 6-9 months thinking she would be in that size by the time the cool weather came around (she is almost 8 months old) but they are still too big for her! She can actually still wear most size 3 month pants (she's short) but is in 3-6 month shirts and one-sies. Any how, I just got her a couple of outfits to last her until she grows into the 6-9 month clothes. I love shopping for her :)

Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend at 4. And then we will be Trick or Treating!

My sister and some friends have a limo tomorrow night from 8-midnight. They are going out to a few bars and invited me to go with them. Michael said he would stay home with Ava, but I haven't decided whether or not I want to go. I haven't been out with my sister since she turned 21 so I think it would be a good time. I don't get to see her often (she lives in College Station) so I'd like to take advantage of the short time I do get! If I go, I'll probably only go for an hour or 2. I wanna be home with Michael since I don't get to see him often either!

Friday morning we have a parent/teacher conference at Tyler's school. That should be interesting. Melanie acted like a fool at the last meeting we attended last year. I was so embarrassed with the way she acted. Ugh, good times.

Well, I am gonna take advantage of my time while the kids are napping and go use my treadmill!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guess How Much I Love You

I absolutely LOVE this book. I read it to Ava every night before bed now.

My Pumpkin's Pumpkin

Chloe left a little early today because she had a Dr. appointment to go to at 4, so while Ava is enjoying her bottle, I have a few minutes to blog before I jump in the shower.

Yesterday, I took the girls over to my moms house for a couple hours. I put both the girls on the trampoline (it has a net around it) and sat there with them and bounced. LOL They loved it!

I told Michael that I'd like to get the kids a trampoline for Christmas as their big gift. Elise loves going to Raina's house next door and jumping on their trampoline. Plus, I think it's something that Tyler might enjoy as well.

Last night after picking Amber up from work we headed over to my moms house with our pumpkin in tow! My step-dad helped us carve Ava's pumpkin and I think it turned out great! I took pictures of the process of course. I think Ava will enjoy looking back on her first pumpkin carving experience :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Friday night, after getting off work (about 3 hours away from home, mind you) My sweet, loving, absolutely wonderful husband drove all the way to College Station and picked up my treadmill from my grandparents house. Then drove 2 1/2 hours home. Needless to say, he didn't get in until about midnight, but I was in bed waiting to thank him! ;)

Ava slept until 9am Saturday morning which was lovely!

Michael, Ava and I went to my little brother Jared's first soccer game of the season. Ava and I then headed over to Stephanie's house for her bridal shower while Mike went to his sisters house to help move a fish tank and pick up a sofa couch they are giving to Amber.

When Ava and I made it home from the shower, Michael already had dinner going which was nice!

After eating, we ran up to the Halloween store to pick up Mike's costume. His costume was...


"Hung Like A Horse" (that ain't no lie!) ;-) LOL

Moving on.

I got Ava ready for bed and asleep before we headed off to the party. (Amber stayed here with her)

I had a GREAT time! It was fun to dress up and just hang out. I enjoyed admiring the other costumes as well. Some was quite interesting to say the least.

As always, I do have pictures, my friends. :)

"Hung Like A Horse" & "Bunny Gangsta"


Take 1..

Take 2.. (Gary liked grabbing the bloody guys nipple...?)

I don't know what I was doing...
Hugh and his bunnies showed up. (in a limosine!)

Kim and I

Yea, she pretty much rocks. :)

He played with his horse all night...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Night At Scout Bar

Ava hung out with her Aunt Tami for a few hours while I when out to Scout Bar with Jennifer, her boyfriend Ryan, Jessica and a group of her friends.

This buff, bald guy sent the waitress over to me to buy my next beer. He then came over and proceeded to tell me about a $120,000 dollar deal they closed at work that day. He said him and his friends had been drinking since 11 am and had been to 7 different bars. I pretty much made it as clear as possible without being rude, that I was not interested. He then told me that he wanted to buy my drinks for the rest of the night. HA! I showed him my ring and pretty much told him No Thanks! He then tried to move on to Jennifer who was there with her date! Wow, some men!

We decided to leave our little corner and play a little pool and enjoy the band that was playing. It was a rough week for me (some people can be so cold) so it was nice to get out and enjoy some time with my girls. Wish Michael could have come with us, but he wasn't in town. An even so, he HATES Scout Bar.

Amber picked Ava up from my Aunts house and took her home for me. Here are a few pics from our night out.

Jessica and I

Matt, Rian (in the background) and Jess

Casey, Matt and I

Ryan and Jen

Jessica and I

The Girls

Jennifer and I

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me and the Munchkins

Ava, Chloe and I took a stroll around the neighborhood this evening and stopped at the park near our house so they could swing. We played out front afterwards. They enjoyed it but after being outside for about an hour, they were tired and ready to come in.

Halloween Portraits

Our Beautiful Pink Butterfly

Monday, October 20, 2008

5 days? Really??!

That is how long my girl has been sick. It started Thursday morning with a runny nose and just progressed from there. Andi took Chloe to the doctor and they told her that she had a viral infection and there was nothing they could do for her. I debated on whether or not I should make a Dr. Appointment for her and decided to just wait and hope that she got over it. She got the worst of it Saturday night and Sunday which meant that I would have had to take her in to the Urgent Care Clinic because Dr. Offices are closed on the weekend. So I decided that I would wait and see how she was doing on Monday (today) and if she still wasn't feeling well, I would take her in.

As you can guess, she is still a sick baby. She has been pulling on her ears which led me to believe that she may possibly have an ear infection. When I was younger (starting at 2 months old) I was in and out of the hospital with horrible ear infections. I had tubes put in my ears at the age of about 4 which didn't help much for me. That being said, I worry that Ava may have inherited my ear problems as well. She has already had 1 ear infection (not too bad) not long ago.

So off I went with both babies in tow and took my girl in to see the doctor. Sure enough, she as a horrible ear infection in right ear. They put her on some strong antibiotics and Mommy is hoping that she has a healthy, happy little munchkin soon!

One of the worst feelings I have experienced so far being a Mother is having a sick child and not being able to take their pain away and make them feel better. I hate seeing her like this and I hate not being able to do much to help her out.

Aside from that, my girl now weighs in at 18lbs 14oz!!! And is 25 1/2 inches long. Mommy's little chunky monkey!

My Ride

Detailed my car this morning. I love washing my car but don't have time for it often. I remember helping Dad wash his vehicles when we were little. This, for my Dad, was a 2 hour job at least! LOL

I had both the babies hanging out in their car seats, so I didn't take that long but I think it looks nice. I ran it through the car wash and then washed it by hand as well. (It was kind of dirty and the car wash never gets it too clean) Vacuumed it out, wiped down the inside with some Armor All, and cleaned my wheels really good. It sure is pretty! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My poor girl.

Ava caught a viral infection/cold of some sort from Chloe. She has not been feeling well at all the last 3 days. I feel so bad for her. To top it all off, I think she is teething and that isn't helping matters. She is a little over 7 months old and has not had a tooth come in yet. I still can't feel a tooth anywhere (it's tough to look, as she wont let me go near her mouth) but her gums look red and swollen. I'm hoping she gets over this soon. I felt a little sick today myself. Hopefully it'll blow over. I'm not sick often at all.

Michael and I ate a bite of our wedding cake the other night. Tradition is to save the top piece of the cake and freeze it. Then on your first wedding anniversary you each take a bite of it. Boy was it YUMMY!!! (*cough*sarcasm!)

We picked the kids up Friday evening and went to the grocery store. I cooked dinner when we got home and made some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Tyler's grandmother Dina came by to see him for a little while too.

On Saturday we all went out to my friends babyshower in Sugarland. Ava was not feeling good AT ALL so we got there late and only stayed for about an hour.

Michael changed my brake pads today. My brother came by and visited for a little while. Ava's had a pretty rough day. I'm hoping tomorrow is better.

I have been asking Mike for a treadmill for a little over a year now. My mom has one and I have also been trying to convince her that she no longer needs it and that I'd gladly take it off her hands for her. She didn't go for that. LOL. As luck would have it, my Nanny and Grandma are having a garage sale in a couple of weeks in College Station and are getting rid of their treadmill! My brother called me tonight with the news and I'm ecstatic!!! It's a really nice one; tells you your blood pressure, heart rate...etc. Also inclines and so on. Guess what they are giving it to me for... 50 BUCKS!!! Can't beat that!!! I'm pretty glad that we didn't go out and spend a bunch of money on one. Michael is going to pick it up on his way back in to town. I can't wait!!!!

Last Saturday night I had a photo shoot with Kelly (the girl who took me and Michael anniversary photos) I put the photo's in an album for Michael's anniversary gift. I think some of them turned out pretty good.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

October 13, 2008 marks 1 year since our wedding day. We have had our share of ups and downs but overall I think we had a great year together.

My Love and I on Our Wedding Day

This was Michael and I when we first got together in March of 2007

Easter 2007

And here we are now...

-We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together as a family. Michael and I made our own Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed it at home with the kids as well as joining with our families for Thanksgiving dinner.

-We shared our first Christmas together as a family. We decorated the house, roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and listened to Christmas music. I enjoyed shopping for the kids and I think they enjoyed their gifts as well.

-On March 10, 2008 at 11:34am we were blessed with our 7lb 3oz 19in little bundle of joy, Ava Renee.

-March 21, 2008: Michael, Ava and I took a trip out to College Station to celebrate Easter with my family. The family was excited to see our little 11 day old princess. On our way home we got into a horrible car accident and were extremely blessed to walk away with a few bumps and bruises. I thank the Lord everyday for keeping me, my husband and our baby girl safe. We also celebrated Easter with the kids.

5 generations

-April 19, 2008 Tyler turned 13 this year!! (Being a teenager and all.. he likes to make it a little tough to get a decent picture of him!) LOL

-July 4th was Ava's first 4th of July, which we celebrated at my Father-In-Laws.

-July 6th we celebrated Elise's 4th birthday! We threw a luau party for her here at the house.

-July 31, 2008 marked 1 year since the day we moved into our new home.

-This month we will be celebrating Ava's first Halloween! She will be wearing a beautiful pink butterfly costume.

I'm looking forward to sharing many more years with you and our kids, My Love.
I love you.