Monday, October 13, 2008

Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

October 13, 2008 marks 1 year since our wedding day. We have had our share of ups and downs but overall I think we had a great year together.

My Love and I on Our Wedding Day

This was Michael and I when we first got together in March of 2007

Easter 2007

And here we are now...

-We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together as a family. Michael and I made our own Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed it at home with the kids as well as joining with our families for Thanksgiving dinner.

-We shared our first Christmas together as a family. We decorated the house, roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and listened to Christmas music. I enjoyed shopping for the kids and I think they enjoyed their gifts as well.

-On March 10, 2008 at 11:34am we were blessed with our 7lb 3oz 19in little bundle of joy, Ava Renee.

-March 21, 2008: Michael, Ava and I took a trip out to College Station to celebrate Easter with my family. The family was excited to see our little 11 day old princess. On our way home we got into a horrible car accident and were extremely blessed to walk away with a few bumps and bruises. I thank the Lord everyday for keeping me, my husband and our baby girl safe. We also celebrated Easter with the kids.

5 generations

-April 19, 2008 Tyler turned 13 this year!! (Being a teenager and all.. he likes to make it a little tough to get a decent picture of him!) LOL

-July 4th was Ava's first 4th of July, which we celebrated at my Father-In-Laws.

-July 6th we celebrated Elise's 4th birthday! We threw a luau party for her here at the house.

-July 31, 2008 marked 1 year since the day we moved into our new home.

-This month we will be celebrating Ava's first Halloween! She will be wearing a beautiful pink butterfly costume.

I'm looking forward to sharing many more years with you and our kids, My Love.
I love you.


Stacie said...

happy belated anniversary!

I love your year in review!

Ashley said...

Thank you, thank you :)