Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A good time with good friends

Katie, Andi and I
My love and I
The guys - Matt, Michael, Caleb and Larry
Matt and Katie
Chloe, Mason and Ava
Having fun
Silly girls
Chloe and Ava
Mason, Chloe and Ava - riding in the jeep

Chloe and Ava

Having a good time

My big girl

Chloe and her pumpkin



Visiting with my Grandparents who came in from Louisiana:
Brayden and his Great Paw Paw Freeman
Ava and her great Paw Paw Freeman

Brayden and his great Maw Maw Betty

Tyler, Ava, Maw Maw, Brayden, Ci-Ci and I at my Dad's

My sleep little guy

Handsome little man

Sleepy little Ava girl

My little guy - riding in his sister's stroller

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Festivities

Michael and I took Ava and Brayden to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Ava kept picking up pumpkins and putting them back in different spots. LOL I helped her pick out a cute little pumpkin that her and Elise painted together this weekend.

After the pumpkin patch we took Ava over to the fall festival they had at Elise's school. There wasn't a whole lot there for her to do at her age, but we let her play on the playground for a bit and walked around.

We also took the kids to a birthday party on Saturday night at Main Event. They were both exhausted by the time we made it home.

Us at the pumpkin patch
Michael, Ava and Brayden (I love this picture)

Me and my loves
Ava and her Bubba, Brayden
That one was a little heavy for her!

Showing Daddy her pumpkin

Ava and Elise at the school's Fall Festival

Playing on the playground

Elise with the birthday girl - DeeDee


Our little guy

Tammy and Brayden

Passed out

He was sleepy too

This is where Elise and Ava were Sunday morning LOL

Resting with Daddy

Sleepy boy

Painting their pumpkin

One month old