Sunday, July 19, 2009


Elise's little friend Danielle has stayed over the last 2 nights and had a sleepover with her. They have really enjoyed playing with each other - as made apparent by the continuous screams and giggles of excitement that we have heard not stop for the past 2 days. :)

Night 1
Snuggled on a pallet with their water and princess movie

Night 2 - Passed out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who needs toothpaste when you have butt paste?

This is what I found my daughter doing the other day...

Oh yes.

Brushing her teeth with butt paste.

At least she had the right idea, I guess...

How could that possibly taste good??


Ava had her first Popsicle the other day. Well, her first Popsicle to eat on her own - not Mommy's! She LOVED it.

Almost as much as she loved her yogurt pop this morning.

She wasn't happy with me for pulling it away from her mouth for a picture.

I buy her the little kids yogurt and they now come with a stick so you can freeze the yogurt cup and make a Popsicle. She went to town on that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Depot craft, July 4th and Elise's Birthday celebration

Elise came to stay with us last Thursday evening through Sunday - our first 4th of July to have her and our first to not have Tyler. I get a little bummed sometimes when we aren't able to have our whole little family together for times like these. Tyler was at his step-grandparents house who just so happen to live a couple of houses down from my Father In Law so we were actually able to see him for all of 3 minutes. Better than nothing! I just wish he hadn't taken off before I was able to get a photo of all of us together. :(

The girls and I went to my Dad's house for dinner and to visit for a little while on Thursday evening as Michael was a little late getting back into town. Elise didn't want to leave and actually wanted to spend the night at my Dads until she realized that I wouldn't be staying with her. LOL
Ava and her Uncle Jared
Eric, Elise and Jared
On Saturday morning we headed over to Home Depot so that Elise and Daddy build their craft together - this month was a picnic caddy.
The safety glasses were huge on her. LOL
Making sure they have all their supplies
Pretty girl - waiting patiently
Building Picnic Caddy with her Daddy (that totally rhymes) :)
Daddy and Elise with their finished project

We spent our 4th at my Father In Law's party that he has every year. There weren't near as many people there this year as there normally is due to the rumor that CL wasn't going to be shooting off fireworks this year. Turns out that rumor was true! I was pretty bummed that we didn't have the fantastic view of the fireworks like we usually do, but we were still able to see some off in the distance around us. Every time Elise would see one, she'd squeal and get all excited. It was cute! I just wish she had been able to see them a little better.
Our Family - minus Tyler
Me and My Girl
Miss Ava Renee
Elise Joy
Elise and her Pappa Dale
Pretty girl
Daddy and his girls
Helping Daddy drive
Aunt Tami and Ava
Elise and Hannah
Hannah, Kailyn, Addilyn and Elise

We also celebrated Elise's 5th birthday at my Father In Law's house which was nice. She had cake and got a new bike and new clothes!
Elise's birthday cake
Happy Birthday, Elise!
Daddy and his Birthday Girl
Blowing out her candles
Elise and I

Riding her new bike