Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Recent Photos

My sweet boy

He pulled his pacifier out of his mouth, held it and then put it back

Ava Renee & Chloe Paige

She was supposed to be going to sleep. Found her like this - with her panties on her head!

Climbed out of her high chair and sat on the kitchen table - covered in ketchup

Holding his bottle

Ava piled all of these toys in front of Bray - LOL

December 31, 2009 * Our New Years

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Princess

Mike went to CVS a few days after Christmas and found this huge makeup set marked WAY down and it was only $2! He brought it home for me and I just had to laugh. It was very sweet of him to think of me but there was no way I was using that cheap makeup! So I let Miss Ava have some fun with it since she is always trying to get into my expensive stuff!

Pierced Ears

We took Ava and Elise to get their ears pierced on January 2nd. Ava has had hers done once before but one of hers got infected pretty badly so I took them out. Elise did wonderful and didn't shed a single tear. Ava cried a little bit but she did great too. One of her ears got a little red one day but was perfectly fine the next so hers are doing great.