Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Me and My Love

How did it all begin?
---Good Ole Myspace! I believe it was in September of 2005 that he sent me a friend request. We talked off and on for the next year and a half or so and I met him the day after Valentines Day 2007 when he came to eat at the restaurant where I worked.

Where did you meet?
---Myspace. In person--at Estebans

When did you meet?
---Myspace-Sept 2005 In person-Feb 15, 2007

Was it love at first sight?

How old were you both?
---He was 32, I was 21

When did you have your first kiss?
---The second night I hung out with him.

Where was your first date?
---Umm... not real sure. We didn't technically "date"

How long until you met the parents?
---A few months...I don't really remember.. I met them at different times.

When was it official?
---He could tell you... I think it was March when I referred to him as my boyfriend for the first time.

***The good...***

Whats your happiest memory of him?
---Our wedding day :)
---The birth of our baby girl
---There are quite a few other happy memories too :)

Whats the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
---That's a toughy. He has done lots of sweet things for me. He really helped me turn my life around and made me want to be a better person.

Does he buy you lots of gifts?

Whats your favorite thing to do together?
---As long as we are together (and both in good moods! LOL) anything is fine. We enjoy spending time with the kids. Laying around watching our TV shows or a movie. Before I was pregnant with Ava we liked to go to Breakers and drink and shoot pool.

When did you know you were falling in love?
---When he started working out of town was when I really realized how I felt for him. I missed him so much and just wanted him to sleep next to me and hold me hand till I fell asleep like he did every night. He wasn't gone much though in the beginning because he would drive all the way home -from San Antonio or where ever he was- just to sleep next to me. Then get up at 3 and drive all the way back for work.

Who said I love you first?
---He did

Is it true love?
---For sure

How do you know this?
---If it wasn't.. we wouldn't have made it this far. We have had our share of problems but we always make it through.

***The bad...***

Whats his worst habit?
---Smoking like a chimney!

What annoys you about him?
---Do you really want me to get started!? LOL
---When he leaves his coffee cups laying out in the morning.
---That he has to sit outside for, like, 2 hours every morning drinking his coffee and reading news stories before he can do anything else! UGH
---STARGATE! (I *hate* that show)Despite all his annoying little flaws, I still love him. (I'm sure he has a list for me as well, LOL)

Has he ever hurt you badly?
---Yes. Not physically..

Would he ever cheat?
---I would hope not.

Has he ever cheated?
---See above

Do you trust him?
---I did. We are working on that...

***The ugly....***

Best facial feature?

Favorite part of his body
--- ;-)

Hair colour?

What does he smell of?
---Hollister cologne :)

Whats he wearing when you picture him in your head?
---Work clothes! LOL


How do you feel when he holds you?

How do you feel when you fall asleep and wake up in his arms?

How does it feel when he touches you?

Does his touch give you goose bumps?

Does he kiss your neck?
---Oh yea :)

Your forehead?
---He has before

***Deep and meaningfull...***

Could you be without him?
---Could I? It'd be hard. And it's the last thing I would want. But if I were to be without him, there would be a perfectly good reason for it. And so, yes, I would have to learn to be without him.

Do you think about him constantly when your apart?
---Sure do

How long have you been together?
---Feb was a year since I had met him. October 13th will be our 1 year wedding anniversary.

Can you see a future together?
---Of course.

Would you like to get married?
---We are :)

Have children?
---He has 2 children from previous marriages. Tyler (13) and Elise (almost 4) and we have Ava together (3 months)

Where can you see your relationship in a years time?
---Busy, Busy, Busy! LOL

5 years time?
---Even more Busy! LOL

Is he your best friend as well as your lover?

Does he come first over everyone else in your life?
---Yes and No. He/the kids/my family/close friends are all first in my life

Would you die for him?
---Doubtful! LOL J/K

***On a lighter note...****

Whats the funniest thing you have ever done together?

Do you have nick names for each other?

Does he make you laugh?
---Sure does

Do you wrestle?
---What kind of wrestling? ;-)

Is he ticklish?

Are you?

*****His Favorites...*****


---Tea, Root Beer

---Football, The Texans!

---He isn't much of an animal lover


Clothing style?
---Jeans and a T

---He listens to a pretty wide variety of music

****Your things....****

---It changes constantly...

---Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Notebook... I have lots of favorite movies

Place to hang out?


Time you saw him?
---Sunday. He is in San Antonio for work this week.

Kissed him?

Spoke to him?
---Like an hour ago

The last text he sent you?
---Sent me one this morning asking if I was still in bed.

**When will you...**

See him again?

Speak to him again?
---When I call him at 9:30 to wake him up.

Tell him you love him again?
---Every time I talk to him

***Have you ever?***

Spent the night together?
---Um, yea. We're married and live together.

Celebrated a holiday together?

Met his parents?

Had naughty time?
---For sure :)

Is this love?
---Of course

Our Fathers Day Weekend

Obviously I am a little late with this post as things have been pretty busy around here. We had a pretty fun-filled weekend. Michael and I were supposed to get Elise from daycare before 6 on Friday as we usually do on our weekends but this Friday was a little different. I had asked Melanie if I could pick Elise up a little early so that I could take her and Tyler to make Michael's Fathers Day gifts. Turns out she had a Dr. appointment Friday morning, so instead of taking her to daycare, they let me pick her up afterwards which was awesome! It was the first time I have had her to myself all day on a Friday. I had Tyler and Ava as well, of course and I must say that I really enjoyed my time with all 3 kids together. We first went to Painted Potters so the kids could paint something for Michael. I must first say, that I love that place! I will definitely be taking another trip there in September for Grandparents day :D Tyler painted a coffee cup for Mike and Elise painted a plate for both her Daddy and her Coach (her step-dad). Unfortunately, they wont be ready until the 24th, but it was still fun nonetheless. Even Tyler said he enjoyed it and would like to go back! Now that's Big! LOL!

After Painted Potters, I took the kids over to Chuck E Cheese since I was told that Elise was such a big girl at her Dr. Appointment. We ate pizza. Tyler spent most of his time in the tunnels and Elise played every game and rode every ride on the little kiddie side! By the time we got home, Elise was EXHAUSTED! I had her lay on the couch and take a nap which she wasn't very happy about at first, but let me tell you, not 3 minutes after her head hit the pillow, she was out! So Ava and I decided a little nap sounded quite nice. So we all napped till Daddy got home. I cooked dinner, gave baths and then we laid in Daddy's bed and played with Ava for a little bit before bedtime.

We did our Fathers Day with Mike on Saturday since Elise wasn't going to be with us on Sunday. The kids gave him their cards and a travel size coffee maker to take with him when he works out of town (that's what he wanted) I picked up one of those hand print kits and made a plaster of Ava's footprint (the hand print didn't work so well) We got it everywhere and I had to put her straight in the tub right after but it was worth it. I painted it and wrote Happy Fathers Day 2008 To: Daddy Love: Ava on it. I think it turned out pretty good.

We picked up Harley and Evan and took them with us all to Palm Beach in Galveston. It was very hot and very crowded but we still had a good time. We came home, and by the time we had all showered and dressed it was time to head up to Red Lobster where we met Dale (Mikes dad) and Melba for dinner. They were pretty packed and the service wasn't so good at all. At least we were all together. We don't get to see much of Dale and Melba so its always nice when we do. I know Elise sure enjoys seeing her "Pappa Dale!"

Yesterday I picked up Harley, Evan and their friend Montana to come stay at my house and we went to the neighborhood pool today. Ava *loves* the water!

Obviously, I have new pictures. So many, in fact, that I decided to make a slide show this time. Much easier that way. Its pretty late, so Ill have to post it another day. Hopefully tomorrow.

Before I go, I wanna leave you with a picture... My big girl grabbed on to her toy for the first time today! She has been hitting them with her hands but hasn't quite figured out how to reach out and grab them.. until today. She did it numerous times too. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. It is amazing how much she changes every day. She is getting pretty close to laughing. I don't think it'll be too much longer.

Hope you Daddy's had a great Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This post is a couple days late, but on the 10th my little munchkin was 3 months old!!! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. That it has been 3 months already! She is getting so big! She smiles all the time now. "Talks" to me, stands up for pretty extended amounts of time, with my help of course. And holds her head up really well (she was holding her head up the week we brought her home) She really is a great baby. She has started getting upset lately if Michael or I walk out of the room. She is perfectly content so long as she can see one of us, but the minute we leave the room, she gets fussy. It feels so good to walk back into the room and see a big smile on her face. She is so precious... and a teeny bit spoiled, but that's ok. :D

Cat Nap?

Meow-Meow decided it was time for a little cat nap..
Where better to take a nap then an infant bathtub?
Too funny.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I cant ever think of a title...

Saturday I picked up my little brother Jared and he came with Tyler, Ava and I to the hospital to visit my dad. Michael drove out to Chris' to pick up the mustang and take it by Carmax so he wasn't able to join us. Daddy was still in a little pain from the surgery but was doing much better. I'm happy to say that he came home yesterday. He still isn't feeling well and is in a little pain but I know he is glad to be home again. Of course I have pictures from our visit..
Ava and her Pappa J
Pappa J always makes her smile...
Me, Daddy and Ava
Jared, My Daddy, Ava and Myself
Tyler and I
She spit up all over herself as soon as I took her bib off... of course.
Ava and her Paw-PawMy pretty girlDaddy, Jared and Tyler
Mommy and Ava

Tyler and Ava

Jared and Ava

Yesterday, my cousin Andrew in Louisiana got into a real bad accident with 2 of his friends. They were going about 60 miles an hour and were hit by an 18 wheeler. One of the boys was in the bed of the truck and was killed. The other boy broke his hip, I believe and Andrew broke his jaw in a few places, had a gash from his ear to the middle of his forehead, a gash on his eyeball and possibly a broken collar bone or ribs? I've heard a few different things, but the point is, he was hurt pretty badly. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we are praying that God watches over him and heals him. We love you Andrew.

I also have forgotten to mention that Tyler received an award from his History teacher for the best improved student! This is a pretty big deal in our household as we have struggled with him quite a bit this year. We are very proud of him though. He still has a ways to go and we are hoping for a better year next year, but some improvement is better than none. Way to go Tyler!

Tomorrow is laundry day.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Pictures from our visit with my Daddy and the family at the hospital

Cindy and Ava
Megan, Cindy, Ava and Michelle

Maw-Maw Betty and Ava

Nanny Linda, Maw-Maw Betty and Ava

Megan and Ava
Michelle and Nanny Linda


He is doing much better now :)

Nanny Linda and Daddy

Me and Daddy

Maw-Maw, Ava and Daddy

He was so happy to see her

Ava and my Daddy


Ava and I went to College Station on Friday for my cousins graduation and planned on coming home on Saturday morning but decided to enjoy our time away for a while. We ended up staying through Tuesday and it was nice. We got to spend a lot of time with the family and just get away from the stress at home for a while. Ava and I stayed in a hotel in Caldwell Friday and Saturday night because there was so much family in town for the graduation that we didn't wanna be cramped up somewhere. So Ava stayed in a hotel for the first time on Friday night! It was actually the same hotel that Mike and I stayed in on our first Easter together. :)

Saturday we had a party at my Aunt Becky's for Herschel graduation. Lots of food, beer, a keg stand and beer pong. It was quite entertaining! I did my first keg stand for 11 seconds! And played one round of beer pong with mom and my brother. I probably had a total of 1 beer all together though cause my little princess was snoozing away so I had to be responsible :) Lol. It was still a fun night. I always enjoy watching all the drunks being stupid. Pretty funny.

Sunday and Monday night Ava and I stayed at my brothers house. We rented some movies, hung out and relaxed.

On Tuesday Ava, my brother and I met my Aunt Becky and her girls, Amber and Harley at Casa Ole where my sister Heather waits tables and had lunch together. That was nice. Ava, Amber and I headed back to Houston after that. We went straight to the hospital to see my dad. They still hadn't been able to get his fever down and decided to do another surgery. They said he could be in there for months and have numerous surgery's... He went into surgery at 9:30 Tuesday morning and was out a little after noon. He waited on a room until 7:30 that night! So needless to say, when Amber, Ava and I made it up to the hospital @ 4:30 we sat in the waiting room with the rest of the family until close to 8 before we were able to see him. The doctors did say that it wasn't as bad as they had expected. From what I understood, his pancreas is inflamed and is basically shooting out fluids that are harmful to his organs. So they had 3 tubes that drained the fluid out into these balloon looking things. He has the tube down his nose pumping his stomach and a catheter as well. Basically, he is starting all over again. Poor Daddy. He is no longer running a fever and the doctors think that (hopefully) this surgery did the trick. Please keep him in your prayers.

We finally made it home around 10-10:30 and let me tell you, it was great to be back! When I pulled up, Michael was waiting for us outside and gave me the biggest hug ever. I also noticed how absolutely beautiful our flowers beds out front looked! Michael, Elise and Tyler picked up a bunch of flowers on Sunday and planted them. It looks great! I wanna put some flower beds in the back as well.. Mike said that's a project we can do together :)

When I walked into the house it smelled so good and was spotless! He cleaned EVERYTHING! He even made a slide show for the digital picture frame he got me for Mothers Day. Can you say SUCK UP!? LOL :D just kidding. We had some problems but I'm happy to say that it wasn't what I had expected and although it isn't great, it's definitely something we can get past. And for that, I am happy. The last few days have been great, and I just pray that things continue this way. I think things will be a lot better now that a big weight has been lifted off both our shoulders.

Michael and I took Cookie to the vet yesterday. She has been coughing up white stuff and yells in pain when she poops. :( $85 bucks later and an "We really aren't sure what the problem is...everything seems fine" Nice. Everything isn't fine when she is yelling in pain. Breaks my heart. Anyways, they gave me some antibiotics to give her and want her to come back in a week if she hasn't gotten better. They said it could be colitis which is an inflammation of the colon. I think that's what the problem is. My sister brought her cat here with her (best cat in the whole world, and I'm not a big cat person!) and Cookie got into the cat treats the other day. I'm thinking that may have constipated her which then irritated/inflamed her colon. Any how, we have medication for her now, so hopefully this to will pass soon.

I think that's all for now. I will leave you with some pictures from the past week.

At our hotel room, getting ready for bed. The bib sure does fit with the look on her face. LOL
Coo-ing at Mommy
Ava with her Nanny and Paw-Paw (her Great-Great Grandparents)
Ava and Nanny
My Little Munchkin. I just love, love, love those blue jean shorts on her!

Ava and Mommy at Aunt Becky's in College Station

She loves being outside

Mommy likes to spend money we don't have when she is upset. Lucky for Ava, she got new toys!

Harley and Ava

Sitting up like a big girl

Pretty Girl

Uncle Day-Day feeding Ava

Ava and Uncle Day-Day relaxing on the couch

Uncle Day-Day, Mommy and Ava

Sleepy Baby

Mommy and Ava

Ava and Uncle Day-Day