Thursday, June 12, 2008


This post is a couple days late, but on the 10th my little munchkin was 3 months old!!! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. That it has been 3 months already! She is getting so big! She smiles all the time now. "Talks" to me, stands up for pretty extended amounts of time, with my help of course. And holds her head up really well (she was holding her head up the week we brought her home) She really is a great baby. She has started getting upset lately if Michael or I walk out of the room. She is perfectly content so long as she can see one of us, but the minute we leave the room, she gets fussy. It feels so good to walk back into the room and see a big smile on her face. She is so precious... and a teeny bit spoiled, but that's ok. :D

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