Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Fathers Day Weekend

Obviously I am a little late with this post as things have been pretty busy around here. We had a pretty fun-filled weekend. Michael and I were supposed to get Elise from daycare before 6 on Friday as we usually do on our weekends but this Friday was a little different. I had asked Melanie if I could pick Elise up a little early so that I could take her and Tyler to make Michael's Fathers Day gifts. Turns out she had a Dr. appointment Friday morning, so instead of taking her to daycare, they let me pick her up afterwards which was awesome! It was the first time I have had her to myself all day on a Friday. I had Tyler and Ava as well, of course and I must say that I really enjoyed my time with all 3 kids together. We first went to Painted Potters so the kids could paint something for Michael. I must first say, that I love that place! I will definitely be taking another trip there in September for Grandparents day :D Tyler painted a coffee cup for Mike and Elise painted a plate for both her Daddy and her Coach (her step-dad). Unfortunately, they wont be ready until the 24th, but it was still fun nonetheless. Even Tyler said he enjoyed it and would like to go back! Now that's Big! LOL!

After Painted Potters, I took the kids over to Chuck E Cheese since I was told that Elise was such a big girl at her Dr. Appointment. We ate pizza. Tyler spent most of his time in the tunnels and Elise played every game and rode every ride on the little kiddie side! By the time we got home, Elise was EXHAUSTED! I had her lay on the couch and take a nap which she wasn't very happy about at first, but let me tell you, not 3 minutes after her head hit the pillow, she was out! So Ava and I decided a little nap sounded quite nice. So we all napped till Daddy got home. I cooked dinner, gave baths and then we laid in Daddy's bed and played with Ava for a little bit before bedtime.

We did our Fathers Day with Mike on Saturday since Elise wasn't going to be with us on Sunday. The kids gave him their cards and a travel size coffee maker to take with him when he works out of town (that's what he wanted) I picked up one of those hand print kits and made a plaster of Ava's footprint (the hand print didn't work so well) We got it everywhere and I had to put her straight in the tub right after but it was worth it. I painted it and wrote Happy Fathers Day 2008 To: Daddy Love: Ava on it. I think it turned out pretty good.

We picked up Harley and Evan and took them with us all to Palm Beach in Galveston. It was very hot and very crowded but we still had a good time. We came home, and by the time we had all showered and dressed it was time to head up to Red Lobster where we met Dale (Mikes dad) and Melba for dinner. They were pretty packed and the service wasn't so good at all. At least we were all together. We don't get to see much of Dale and Melba so its always nice when we do. I know Elise sure enjoys seeing her "Pappa Dale!"

Yesterday I picked up Harley, Evan and their friend Montana to come stay at my house and we went to the neighborhood pool today. Ava *loves* the water!

Obviously, I have new pictures. So many, in fact, that I decided to make a slide show this time. Much easier that way. Its pretty late, so Ill have to post it another day. Hopefully tomorrow.

Before I go, I wanna leave you with a picture... My big girl grabbed on to her toy for the first time today! She has been hitting them with her hands but hasn't quite figured out how to reach out and grab them.. until today. She did it numerous times too. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. It is amazing how much she changes every day. She is getting pretty close to laughing. I don't think it'll be too much longer.

Hope you Daddy's had a great Fathers Day!

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