Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I cant ever think of a title...

Saturday I picked up my little brother Jared and he came with Tyler, Ava and I to the hospital to visit my dad. Michael drove out to Chris' to pick up the mustang and take it by Carmax so he wasn't able to join us. Daddy was still in a little pain from the surgery but was doing much better. I'm happy to say that he came home yesterday. He still isn't feeling well and is in a little pain but I know he is glad to be home again. Of course I have pictures from our visit..
Ava and her Pappa J
Pappa J always makes her smile...
Me, Daddy and Ava
Jared, My Daddy, Ava and Myself
Tyler and I
She spit up all over herself as soon as I took her bib off... of course.
Ava and her Paw-PawMy pretty girlDaddy, Jared and Tyler
Mommy and Ava

Tyler and Ava

Jared and Ava

Yesterday, my cousin Andrew in Louisiana got into a real bad accident with 2 of his friends. They were going about 60 miles an hour and were hit by an 18 wheeler. One of the boys was in the bed of the truck and was killed. The other boy broke his hip, I believe and Andrew broke his jaw in a few places, had a gash from his ear to the middle of his forehead, a gash on his eyeball and possibly a broken collar bone or ribs? I've heard a few different things, but the point is, he was hurt pretty badly. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we are praying that God watches over him and heals him. We love you Andrew.

I also have forgotten to mention that Tyler received an award from his History teacher for the best improved student! This is a pretty big deal in our household as we have struggled with him quite a bit this year. We are very proud of him though. He still has a ways to go and we are hoping for a better year next year, but some improvement is better than none. Way to go Tyler!

Tomorrow is laundry day.


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