Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Night At Scout Bar

Ava hung out with her Aunt Tami for a few hours while I when out to Scout Bar with Jennifer, her boyfriend Ryan, Jessica and a group of her friends.

This buff, bald guy sent the waitress over to me to buy my next beer. He then came over and proceeded to tell me about a $120,000 dollar deal they closed at work that day. He said him and his friends had been drinking since 11 am and had been to 7 different bars. I pretty much made it as clear as possible without being rude, that I was not interested. He then told me that he wanted to buy my drinks for the rest of the night. HA! I showed him my ring and pretty much told him No Thanks! He then tried to move on to Jennifer who was there with her date! Wow, some men!

We decided to leave our little corner and play a little pool and enjoy the band that was playing. It was a rough week for me (some people can be so cold) so it was nice to get out and enjoy some time with my girls. Wish Michael could have come with us, but he wasn't in town. An even so, he HATES Scout Bar.

Amber picked Ava up from my Aunts house and took her home for me. Here are a few pics from our night out.

Jessica and I

Matt, Rian (in the background) and Jess

Casey, Matt and I

Ryan and Jen

Jessica and I

The Girls

Jennifer and I

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