Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Friday night, after getting off work (about 3 hours away from home, mind you) My sweet, loving, absolutely wonderful husband drove all the way to College Station and picked up my treadmill from my grandparents house. Then drove 2 1/2 hours home. Needless to say, he didn't get in until about midnight, but I was in bed waiting to thank him! ;)

Ava slept until 9am Saturday morning which was lovely!

Michael, Ava and I went to my little brother Jared's first soccer game of the season. Ava and I then headed over to Stephanie's house for her bridal shower while Mike went to his sisters house to help move a fish tank and pick up a sofa couch they are giving to Amber.

When Ava and I made it home from the shower, Michael already had dinner going which was nice!

After eating, we ran up to the Halloween store to pick up Mike's costume. His costume was...


"Hung Like A Horse" (that ain't no lie!) ;-) LOL

Moving on.

I got Ava ready for bed and asleep before we headed off to the party. (Amber stayed here with her)

I had a GREAT time! It was fun to dress up and just hang out. I enjoyed admiring the other costumes as well. Some was quite interesting to say the least.

As always, I do have pictures, my friends. :)

"Hung Like A Horse" & "Bunny Gangsta"


Take 1..

Take 2.. (Gary liked grabbing the bloody guys nipple...?)

I don't know what I was doing...
Hugh and his bunnies showed up. (in a limosine!)

Kim and I

Yea, she pretty much rocks. :)

He played with his horse all night...

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Stacie said...

mauahahahah that is are a LITTLE hottie Ashley!