Monday, August 18, 2008

I love the weekend

After being home with Ava by myself all week (unless Tyler is here, but he has been at Melanie's a little more lately) it is always nice to enjoy the weekend with Michael and all the kiddos. Friday night, my Daddy kept Ava for a couple of hours so that Michael and I could go to Boondoggles (I think that was the name of the place?) It was Ryan's (boyfriend of one of my best friends, Jennifer) birthday and they had decided to hang out there and have a couple of drinks. So we joined them for a little bit and enjoyed the rest of the night together by ourselves after putting Ava to bed.

On Saturday morning we picked Elise up at 9. It wasn't our weekend, but Melanie let us have her for the day on Saturday so that she could attend a birthday party. We showed up to the party a little earlier in order to help Stephanie set up for Makenzie's first birthday party. The party started at 2 but by 4:30-ish they still had not even opened presents or cut the cake and Elise needed to be home around 5 or so. So unfortunately, we missed all of that, but at least Elise was able to enjoy a cupcake before leaving.

Last night, Eric and Raina joined with us for dinner. Eric brought his pit over and we threw some chicken and steaks on the grill. Mike made mashed potatoes and I made green beans. We also had Katie and Matt over as well Tyler of course. I enjoyed visiting with everyone and the food was delish. After dinner Michael, Tyler and I enjoyed some watermelon and played monopoly together. We were all pretty exhausted so ended the game a bit early, but it was still fun nonetheless.

Today Elise spent the day with me and will be tomorrow as well. I always enjoy having her. We ran to the grocery store and the girls (Madison and Morgan-Our neighbors) came over and played with her this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we had an incident with Tyler's mother at our house this afternoon that wasn't too pleasant. I have never seen her act that way before, but have heard of incidents involving other people. I was still pretty surprised that she barged into our home saying words in front of the kids that our 4 year old should NOT be hearing nor repeating. Ugh, drama...

Made dinner for Michael and I tonight. We played with Ava and have put her to bed. I am now going to crawl in bed with my book. Doubt I'll be reading for long tonight, as my eyes are already getting a bit heavy.

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