Friday, August 22, 2008

Im slacking...


There's been a lot going on to blog about. Some pictures as well.

But I am just TOO damn tired to take the time to put together a post. Or 2... Or 3. Whatever.

It's been a busy, exciting, fun filled, long week.

-Had Elise Monday while Melanie worked, and Tuesday as well. She stayed with us Tuesday night and I dropped her off at school on Wednesday night. *edit: 'wednesday morning' not night...obviously, I was pretty tired.*

-Tuesday night Raina and Eric (our neighbors) went to Club Classic for a family members birthday celebration. So from the hours of 5:30 PM and 11:30 PM I had Madison, Morgan, Megan, Harley and Elise. (Elise went home around 8:30 and Michael put her to bed) But it was definitely a busy night. It was much easier than I had expected it to be. Megan is REALLY attached to her Mommy so I was expecting her to be pretty upset for most of the time they were gone but she didn't get upset once. That was awesome!...I'm rambling..

-Picked up Chloe from daycare for Andi both yesterday and today. Chloe is 2 months older than Ava (so 7 1/2mo.) and she is such a good baby!

-Harley has stayed the last couple nights with me.

-Michael is coming home tomorrow :D

-We get Elise on Saturday

-We don't get Tyler this weekend...

Ok... So maybe I really didn't have all that much to blog about. Either that or I just can't remember what it was I wanted to blog about. Probably the later.

It is 12:30. I can't believe I am still up. Well I can... but I really shouldn't be.

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julissa said...

wow, im tired for you! that's a whole lotta kids! :)