Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There is not enough time in the day.

Where does it go!?

I look at the clock and realize that some how, more than half the day has already passed! This seems to happen way too often.

That is the only down-side to staying busy really. Boy does time fly.

It is already 10:30 and I have lots to do around here before crawling in bed with my book. So again, I really don't have time to put together a proper blog post. I think bullets will have to do for tonight..

  • My mother in law, Melanie, brought my nephews, Nick and Jake, into town on Thursday. So I had: Harley, Evan, Tyler, Nick, Jake and Ava on Thursday. It was busy, busy, busy. But I loved it. It was the first time I have kept Jake, so that was nice.
  • Friday Michael came home. We got Elise. Harley stayed the night with us as well.
  • Saturday we went to Cooper's first birthday party which was a pool party. The girls enjoyed it.
  • Michael worked A-LOT on the garage room this weekend and I'm happy to say that he is pretty close to be finished. On Wednesday, me, Amber and Tyler are gonna be painting the walls in there. I'm thinking that Mike will probably be able to finish all of it this weekend excluding the floor. We haven't decided whether we are gonna do cheap wood floors or carpet in there..
  • Harley spent the night with me last night. We rented Daddy Daycamp.
  • She is here again tonight. As well as Morgan and Madison. (my neighbors little girls)
  • They are having a sleep over. Poor Nick. The girls did his make up and "dressed" him up and then made him color with them. LOL
  • I cleaned and organized the master closet today. It looks good in there.
  • Raina passed down a bunch of clothes for Ava. I washed them and still need to put them away.
  • I have a new obsession with garage sales. I can't help myself. Saturday mornings I drive to sonic for a drink and stop at all the garage sales on my way there and home. I don't always find anything worth getting but some times I get lucky. A while back I found an excersaucer/walker that I had been wanting for Ava. Babies R Us Price- $89.99 I paid- $22. And it's practically brand new. Doesn't even look used. Awesome.
  • Sunday evening, Tyler and Nick went outside to play guns. Not even 20 minutes later they come walking (or limping) inside and Nick has blood running down his leg. Not REALLY bad, but bad enough for 5 stitches. Apparently they decided to play around the back where they are building houses and Nick gashed his knee open on a piece of metal wire? So off to the Urgent Care clinic we went. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and Ava was NOT a happy camper. But we got him all stitched up as well as his tetanus shot. He is doing fine.
  • This weekend I was feeding Ava green beans. Katie called so I handed Ava to Mike so that he could finish feeding her... long story short, she was NOT having it. She would not let him feed her. She is way too attached to me. Is that a bad thing?
  • She has discovered that she can SQUEAL now. VERY HIGH PITCHED squeal. So much that, if you are planning on being around us... you may want to pick up some ear plugs. No joke. It's lovely.
  • Guess I should quit my ramblings and get off here. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I go through spurts with garage sales... usually dependent on how clean my garage is...

If my garage is cluttered (like it is now) then I don't do much garage saling... if there's space... well nature abhors a vacuum... the space must be filled.

BTW... Garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale or tag sale... which is it?

julissa said...

My niece is about 5 months too and she's also discovered that high pitch squeal...and loves to do it all the time too. I cant believe you took care of all those kids...Im tired for you!

Ashley said...

Garage sales and yard sales. I've never heard of it being called a rummage sale or a tag sale.

Ohhhh the high pitch squeal... Isn't it just lovely? LOL