Monday, August 4, 2008

He loves his sisters

Tyler isn't really into playing with the girls very much. That could be for the simple fact that, a)They're GIRLS! b)One is 4 and the other isn't even 5 months or c) He has "better" things to do. To a 13 year old... that's pretty boring. But since Michael and I haven't been giving him his day medicine when he isn't in school, that has actually changed! Surprisingly enough. When Elise was here last he played with her for, no joke (hold your breath!) at LEAST an hour! Goofing around and tickling her and just having a good time. He even asked me on several occasions if he could hold and feed Ava. I really like to see him interact with us and his sisters. I know Elise enjoyed the fact that brother was playing with her.

I've been slacking in the blog world...

Not really a whole lot to blog about I guess..

Had another good weekend with my love. We only had Tyler Friday night and he went home Saturday evening. It was not our weekend with Elise. So Saturday night after putting Ava to bed, Michael and I were able to spend some time together. Sunday he worked on Amber's room in the garage some more and I even helped a little. I like doing the dry wall. :) He did a bunch of laundry this weekend too. I love how much we seem to be working more as a team lately. Makes things much easier and more enjoyable.

There's supposed to be some bad weather coming in early tomorrow morning. Last I heard, it may possibly turn into a hurricane? So we prepared just in case... Better to be safe than sorry. Let me tell you, Wal-mart was a MADHOUSE! Luckily, we were still able to stock up on some groceries, formula, water, batteries, flash lights, candles..etc etc. Now that I am prepared, I am sure it will be nothing more than a little rain. Had I not been prepared? It would be a hurricane and then some I'm sure. LOL

Guess I should head off to bed and get some rest.
Hopefully the weather won't be too bad.

Tyler and Elise

Tyler and Ava

Elise put Ava's diapers on her babies...

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