Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

My love came home a day early. That's always lovely. His Dad gave us tickets to the Texans last pre-season game. The game itself was kind of crappy, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. It was my first Texans game to go to! :D This lady was passing out those long balloons they use to make balloon animals. She had given a row of about 5 guys each a balloon. If you could blow it up, you got a free Texans t shirt. So I asked her if we could join in and she said yes. My love won me a t-shirt! :D He was the only one that could do it. After we sat down, the other guys were still trying to blow it up 20 minutes later! It was pretty funny. I was proud of my hubby :D

Me and My Love at the Texans game

Amber painted more on her room. Its coming along nice. I'll be glad when I can get all the crap out of the front room this weekend.

Today I only have Chloe until 1 and then I'm hoping hubby will hang with the baby so I can take a short nap. This week has caught up to me and I'm exhausted. Maybe I should go to bed earlier than midnight or 1 when I have to get up at 5:45... That would be the smart thing to do but I digress.

We get Tyler this evening and I am excited. I have really missed having him around.

Ava's dedication is this Sunday morning at church. I am stoked! She is going to look absolutely beautiful! :)

Im really craving Estebans Mexican Restaurant right now! I've been craving it all week! YUM

Just put Chloe down for her morning nap and Ava is eating. Not much else going on around here.
Have a good Friday and an awesome weekend!

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