Monday, August 25, 2008

She's My Chunky Monkey

16 lbs 4 oz, 23 1/2 inches long

50th percentile for her weight and 10th percentile for her height.

So no, my munchkin isn't fat, she's just short and it makes her look like a fatty! :D

Ok... so mayyyybeee she is a little chunky.

But that's ok. She's MY chunky monkey!

And boy do I love that Chunky Monkey like no other!

Obviously, we had Ava's check up today. Her doctor looked (or should I say felt, as you can't actually see it) the three little spots on her that I figured was eczema. She says it is fine and just to keep lathering her up in lotion, which I already do.

I was a little apprehensive about telling her that I was already feeding Ava baby food. You aren't supposed to start them on baby food until they are about 6 months from what I have been told (where the hell is the baby handbook of do's and don'ts with all these "rules" cause I sure as hell didn't get one!) But of course I told her anyway. And she was totally fine with it. (not that I need permission on how to care for my child but it still felt good that she didn't seem to think it was a bad thing)

Ava has now moved up to step 2 baby foods as of last night. Her doctor says that once she has had all of the step 2, we can start giving her a little table food, like mashed potato's and so forth. I think I will hold off on that for a while though. I don't think I'm ready for ANOTHER milestone like that quite yet. She is growing up TOO fast!

I expressed my concerns to the doc about Ava's ears as well. She has been having excess drainage and sometimes even pulls on them. When I was little, I was in and out of the hospital with horrible ear infections. I had surgery when I was 3 to get tubes in my ears. So I was a little afraid that Ava may have the same problems.

Turns out, she has a small ear infection starting in her right ear. Bummer. Man I sure hope she doesn't have the same problems I did. She is now taking amoxicillin for the infection.

She also got her 4 month shots today (I know, I know! She is a month and a half behind on her shots.) My poor girl had a rough day today... and so did mommy. I sure hate seeing her in pain!

Today was my first day to keep Chloe. It wasn't so bad really. I was afraid it would be extremely overwhelming but it wasn't. Except for the doctor appointment. We got there a little after 2 (yes, I was late. But I at least called and told them I was running late. That counts for something right?)

First of all, that double stroller I bought from the resale shop (as we just can't afford to go spend a hundred and something bucks on a brand new one for minimal use) SUCKS! So, I will probably be taking that darn thing back!

Anyhow, we showed up a little after 2 and didn't pull into our driveway until about 4:30ish... So you can imagine the fussy little girls I had for 2 or so hours at the doctors office. But we managed and made it out alive! :)

Larry's son (Larry is Chloe's dad) missed the bus this afternoon at school so I ran and picked him up. I may possibly start picking him up from school and keeping him for a couple hours as well. He is 11 and was very respectful and well mannered. I really think I'm gonna enjoy keeping them and it's bringing in some money for the bills so that's always good.

Aunt Tami and Jess both stopped by this evening to visit. Jess and I made some chocolate and peanut butter brownies (YUM) and are watching Mr. Brooks (Yes, I just watched it with the hubby, but she has not seen it yet. And, well, I guess I'm not really watching it so much...I cleaned the kitchen and am now blogging.)

Moving on.

I'm hoping to get some laundry done tomorrow (I swear it is NEVER-ENDING!) and clean up a bit. Raina has given me SO MANY clothes and shoes for Ava and they have yet to be washed, sorted by size and put away. So I am hoping that, between caring for 2 little munchkins, I may have some time to do that as well.

Last week I cleaned out our master closet and now I would like to go through all my clothes and get rid of (man I really don't wanna let go of any of it) some of my clothes in order to make room for massive piles of Ava's clothes that need to be hung.

I guess I could do the smart thing and fold them and put them away in the completely empty dresser with 5 drawers that isn't being used in her room but I'd rather hang them. I'm the same way with my clothes. I hate having them in drawers cause I like to see them all. Clothes tend to get shoved in drawers and forgotten about.

So... we shall see how much I actually get accomplished. I need to get out in the front yard and pull all the weeds that taken over the flower beds as well... Maybe me and the girls will spend the morning outside...

Goodnight lovelies.


Kami said...

Ava is beautiful! If she loves food, that's a good thing coming from a mom of a picky mcpickerson :-)

Ashley said...

Thank you!

My little brother is 7 and I am NOT kidding you when I say that he is the pickiest eater EVER!

I made spaghetti..

He doesnt like spaghetti.

I made hot dogs for lunch...

He doesnt like hot dogs.

Made tacos...

He doesnt like tacos.

Peanut butter and jelly all the way...

"Oh but wait! You only have strawberry jelly!?"

He doesnt like like strawberry jelly. I digress.