Thursday, August 14, 2008


I got this taggie for Ava the other day. Elise has two of them that she carries around with her everywhere and sleeps with them. Ava has to have a blanket with her at all times to hold on to. I have a few really soft blankets that she likes but she can't use them right now because it is so hot outside! She already sweats in the car as it is so having a blanket on her doesn't help. Right now I have just been using receiving blankets but I decided to go ahead and get one of these taggies for her. They are really small so that way she will have something to hold on to without making her too hot. Her great grandmother (my Maw-Maw) is making her a couple of blankets. A regular sized one as well as her own little blanket some what similar to the taggies. I'm not sure when she will be finished with them, but until then we will be using the taggie and the receiving blankets. Raina is going to get Ava's name monogrammed on her taggie for me. I really can't wait for Maw-Maw to finish her blankets though. She made all of her grand kids baby blankets when we were born. Mine was a pink care bear one that I had up until I was 20! And yes, I slept with it every night. That is until I left it behind in Chicago when I had to pack up and leave in a hurry. Needless to say, my ex destroyed it. I was pretty upset about that.

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