Monday, January 28, 2008

Manic Monday

Ill just start off by saying..

That today didnt necessarily go the way I had intended. :(

Ill start from the beginning.

After my last post- I got off the computer, got ready and was going to head out the door a few minutes after 11:30, as my hair appointment was scheduled for noon.... Until I realized that my keys were definately NOT in my purse!

I *always* know where my keys are. And that is in my purse.

Unless my wonderful, sweet, loving husband decideds to take my car.

As you can guess... He drove it this weekend and isnt very good about putting them back in my purse. I became quite frustrated after realizing that they were absolutely *no where* to be found.

I just cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday and if I would have come across them I would have put them in my purse. So I call Michael. Crying. Yes, crying! I was *SO* upset! He racked his brain trying to remember where he had put them.

I searched *everywhere!!*

-In the couch cushions

-In the laundry room (thinking maybe he had left them in his jeans)

-All the kitchen drawers

-My closet

-Both night stands

-Both the kids' rooms

-Hall closet

-Garage get the idea. After about half an hour of this. (note: I am now late for my hair appointment) I sat on the couch and cried and cried. I was so excited about my pamper day and just knew that somehow he had ended up with them in his truck or something which would have been horrible news seeing as he is in CORPUS CHRISTI! He searched and did not have them with him.

Let me first tell you that, we have a sectional couch which is actually two pieces. Thus meaning that if something falls in the couch where the two pieces meet, then it will end up falling all the way down to the floor. That being said.. while sitting on the couch, bawling, after deciding to give up; I decided to check the couch one more time (notice it was one of the first places I checked) But this time, instead of just looking under the cushions I reached my hand all the way down to the floor and WA-LA! The mystery was solved! I immediately walked out the door and headed off to my hair appointment that I was now half an hour late for. I forgot to mention that during my emotional breakdown, Patty (my hair dresser) called me to see if I was still coming, which upset me even more! So I finally made it to my appointment. Patty isnt even open on Mondays but took me and another client today. By the time I made it there, the other client was there for her appointment so I had to hang out for about an hour before getting started on my hair.

Moving on to my next.... disappointment I guess you could call it.

First off, I brought a few pictures with me to show her so that she could get an idea of what color I wanted. Burgundy. She finally finished my hair around 4-ish... and.. well.. it definately was NOT burgundy. UGH!! It looks more like DARK, DARK brown.. almost a black color, with lighter brown highlights. I told her that it wasn't what I wanted and she explained to me that due to the fact that I had blonde in my hair that she wasnt able to dye it burgundy because it would have come out like a pink color. Maybe... but still. $150 bucks later, and Im left with something other than what I asked for. I really didnt want to be a pain so I just dealt with it. After leaving I headed off to my moms house who agreed that it was definately not burgundy. I decided to call her back around 7 this evening and explained to her that I really was not happy with the way it turned out and hoped that maybe we could work something out in order to get the color closer to what I had originally wanted. She asked me to wait a couple days so that the color could set in/fade that way she will know what she's working with and she assured me that she will get it to the color I wanted. Whew! Im still a little frustrated... but happy to be getting it fixed at least.

My sister Amber and my little sister Harley came with me to the nail salon tonight. Harley got her nails painted pink with little white flowers on her thumb. Cute! Amber and I got solar nails with white tips and I got butterflies on my thumbs, really cute! I also got a spa pedicure of course and an eye brow wax.

After that it was off to Walmart! I bought 4 movies and 2 books and am now at home relaxing on the couch, having a movie night with Amber. :)

The day could have been much worse, and now that I look back on it... I guess it wasnt TOO bad. But it definately wasnt what I had expected.

I think Ill try to take a picture of my hair tomorrow and post it on here to show you how much it *does not* look like burgundy!

Anywho, how was your day?

Good I hope.

Have a great week loves. :)


Stephanie said...

You poor thing. It sounds like you had a horrible day. I thought that kind of shit only happend to me lol. I hope everything works out with your hair lol. Sorry, not funny. We should get together during the week. I totally understand the not wanting to cook for just your self. Jason is working nights all week so I won't see him until friday! Ugh I hate it when he works nights. :(

Ashley said...

Yea, I feel ya on that. At least he works nights and not out of town all week for 3 months! :( LOL

We should get together. I've done the "Sunday Night get together" for the last 3 weekends. Not sure yet about this Sunday, but if so you should come this time!

Is Mommy Club meeting this friday?
I saw that Makenzie has a doctors appointment.. Hope all goes well and call me if you need anything!!