Monday, January 14, 2008

Mommy Friends! :)

Michael left yesterday afternoon for Corpus Christi again. We had a pretty good weekend with the kids. Kind of low-key, but good. We went to Mikes sister Tracy's house and visited with Bob and the girls while Tracy was at work. On Saturday night she met Michael and I up at Babies R Us to help me go over my baby registry. I registered with Babies R Us and Target and made the final changes on Saturday so I think its all ready to go now. Mom and my Aunt Becky are planning it for sometime next month but we haven't set a date yet. Michael and I also picked up the crib while we were there :-) We still have some painting and major cleaning (when my Uncle sanded her wall down it left a think layer of dust everywhere!) so we have not yet set up her crib but are supposed to be doing that next weekend.

After Michael left yesterday, I went by the store and picked up somethings for spaghetti and headed over to Jeannie and Tim's house. They just moved into their home not too long ago and I hadn't yet seen it, nor had I seen them since my wedding! Jeannie is also pregnant and is due at the beginning of April :) I picked up some "I love mommy" and "I love daddy" bibs for her as well as some really cute "I love mommy" pacifiers on my way over there. Jeannie's really good friend Caity was also over there. She has a 17 month old little boy who is such a cutie!!! Us girls cooked dinner together and talked about our men and our pregnancy. I got there around 5 and didn't leave until after 9. I had a really good time hanging out with my mommy friends! :) Jeannie and I are SO excited about our baby girls and are counting down the days!!! Here are a couple pictures of Jeannie, Caity and I..

I have also been invited to join the "Mommy Club" with some girls from myspace that I used to go to school with. They meet up on Fridays for lunch :) That should be fun!

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