Thursday, January 17, 2008


I guess the hormones of this pregnancy have started to get to me a little more lately. Yesterday while I was sitting on the couch reading funny pregnancy stories on baby gaga I noticed my shirt was wet, only to figure out that my boobs are leaking now! (TMI, sorry) And it didn't stop there.. I didn't have any breast pads and it just made me feel gross all day and I guess it kind of bummed me out. I'm getting tired of feeling like a huge, pregnant cow. My body just keeps changing it all sorts of ways and things are happening that you just don't seem to have control over anymore. I know its all a part of being pregnant and everyone goes through the same things, but I cant help but get upset about it sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I'm so very thankful to have been blessed with our precious little Ava, but at the same time I'm just so ready to have my body back. To be myself again. So the whole "boobs leaking" incident really put a dint in my day and to top that off, Cookie really upset me too. I noticed that she has started using the front room as her "poop room" or something and I was SO upset with her because I take her out like 20 times a day and she goes outside! But these past few days I have to stand out there in the cold and rain with her for like 20 minutes and she refuses to poop! I have come to the conclusion that she doesnt like the cold, wet grass. She will just sit on the patio and doesnt like to go in the yard, so Im hoping this will all pass once it quits raining and warms up a bit. But it's like she is waiting to come inside and poop in the front room. I'm putting a stop to that real quick! I kept her in her crate all day yesterday and let her out here and there for a few minutes at a time and played with her a little, let her eat and drink and took her out. But other than that she stayed in her crate. I hate leaving her in there but my mom says not to let her roam around the house all day because she is just a puppy. This house is so big that I lose her in here very fast and have no idea where she ends up pottying, if she does. I started crying to Mike yesterday on the phone when I was telling him all this. He was so sweet! He calmed me down and told me it would all be okay. He got my mind on other things and cheered me up a bit. He handled my little outbreak really well.

I sat here at the house on the couch reading all sorts of pregnancy stories and things like that all day yesterday. I didn't leave the house once. I was so bummed and cranky, and achy all day. I can tell that the "extremely uncomfortable stages" have started to really kick in. My back hurt so bad all day, my legs were cramping and I just could not get comfortable for the life of me. I was up until 3am! I tossed and turned all night unable to really get much sleep at all between all the aches, cramps and pee breaks, so needless to say I was NOT very happy when I got woke up this morning by the workers just a hammering away on the house they are building next door! I was furious and wanted to bawl like a little baby at the same time.

Thankfully Raina had me come by today to get a bunch of baby things she was giving me and that kind of got my mind of things. I hung out with her and the girls (Morgan has been home sick with a fever and ear infections for the past 3 days) for a little while and then went back over there this evening for dinner with them. So today was a little better than yesterday... up until the washer broke! UGH! I was in the middle of washing a load too and it just quit working. So my washer is full of water that my clothes are just sitting in. It's times like these that I really wish my husband were home. Which brings me to my next point... he probably isn't going to make it to the doctors appointment/3D ultrasound in the morning.. :-( I am a little bummed about that as I really thought he would be able to make it. But the crane operators mom died and Mike is having to run the crane. Something went wrong that cost them $5,000.00 and Bob dis-located his shoulder today and Mike had to take him to the hospital. They said it was one of the worst they had seen and it took 4 people to pop it back in place! Poor Bob... So anyways, I know he is having a rough week and I know he would be here if he were able too. My mom and dad both are coming with me tomorrow so at least I'm not going by myself. Mommy Club is also meeting for lunch tomorrow at Johnny Tamales. I'm not sure that I will be able to make it though, because my appointment is at 10:30 and they are meeting at 11:15. Being that tomorrow is a Friday, I am expecting that I may be at the doctors office a while. But if not, I'm excited to be meeting them :) I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day for me all around. Ugh.


Melanie said...

Don't let the leaking get you down. Once you start breastfeeding (if you are), your body will get regulated. If you don't nurse, it will dry up within just a few days. I know you are feeling icky. Gosh, you should see some pics of me right before Elise was born! LOL. I'll email them to you...they are sure to make you feel better! I looked HORRIBLE! I think you are looking good!

Ashley said...

Thank you! I am going to try and breastfeed her for at least a month or so, which I shouldnt have any problem doing! LOL

Shauna said...

And as far as the general crankiness goes...stress relief helps. There's not much you can do about the leg cramps and back aches other than heat, but going outside and telling the construction guys to shut the f*** up for a few minutes (whether they actually listen or not) is lots of fun. AND great stress relief! lol

Ashley said...