Friday, January 4, 2008

30 weeks and counting!

As of today, I am 30 weeks pregnant! I only have about 2 more months to go! (although Michael and I both think she is gonna be early... about 2weeks give or take...but you never know) My tummy is still growing.. Michael says he doesn't see much of a difference from my 25 weeks picture and now.. which I think is somewhat true. I can tell that she has gotten bigger though! But my tummy seems close to the same size maybe a little bit bigger. I haven't gained any weight though. I think I have actually lost like 3 lbs since my last doctors appointment. I had an appointment scheduled for yesterday at 9am. I went, but Dr. Taylor had been called into surgery and there was, like, a 2 hour wait. So I was gonna reschedule but turns out I have an ultrasound and doctors appointment already scheduled for the 16th. Thank God they told me that because I had no idea! So anyways, I am just going to wait until then to see the doctor. I cant wait to get the ultrasound!!!! I'm SO excited!

We have all of Ava's baby furniture except for the crib, but they called about it yesterday and we were able to order it, so it'll be here in 7-10 days! =) Michael is coming home tomorrow and we don't have the kids this weekend, so I'm thinking we will be doing some more work on Ava's room. When we had the house built, we chose the exercise room option for Ava's room, because that way it lead into our bedroom whereas without that option we would have to walk around the whole house to get to her room. I felt much more comfortable being able to get to her a little faster and having her a little closer to me. Anyways, the exercise room came with a wall of mirrors. We had asked them not to put the mirrors in and they did anyways. We just went ahead and kept them in there and had them put grass in the backyard instead. We had no idea what a pain it was going to be to take them down!! They put big globs of gooey, black, tar-like stuff *all over* the wall to hold the mirrors up. When Michael took them down and peeled the black crap off, it took the paint and dry wall off in some places! UGH! Anyways, you get the idea.. It's gonna take some work. I think we are just going to sandpaper the whole wall and wallpaper it. There are lots of really cute ideas for that. I just haven't decided exactly what I want yet.

Anyways... My mom and my aunt are starting to plan the baby shower for next month!!! I cant wait to get all of her stuff and set up her room and get all ready for her!! =) Makes me smile just thinking about it.

30 weeks


Shauna said...

oh good lord! It's funny seeing such a big tummy on a skinny chick! lol You should see mine! I swear it's almost as big as yours, and I'm only 17 weeks. lol Has she started moving up under your ribs yet? If not, just wait. She will soon! lol It's not the most pleasant part of being prego, but it sure is interesting! lol

Ashley said...

She has gotten to the point where her little foot will sometimes catch the edge of my ribs but its not too bad yet. She has had her elbow or foot or something pushing out my side all day and causing this really uncomfortable cramp! But it doesnt really bother me too much. It just makes me smile to think how much closer I am getting to holding her in my arms :)

Shauna said...

lol, you're pretty laid back about it! Dalton rammed his whole body under my ribs! I had to physically push on my stomach and move him down. lol. Like I said, not pleasant, but it IS worth it! :-)

Ashley said...

Oh Im sure I wont be so laid back once she gets even bigger and causes more uncomfortable pains! LOL