Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jessicas 21st Birthday!

My sister Heather has been best friends with Jessica for almost 5 years now. Our whole family has grown pretty close to her over the years. Yesterday was her 21st birthday!! She had a bunch of her friends meet up at hooters for some wings and beer. So Heather came into town from College Station with 2 of her girl friends, Kara and Carissa and meet at my house. We picked Amber up and then headed to Hooters. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hang out there for too long before I just *had* to leave. It was so smokey, hot and LOUD in there that I felt like I was gonna pass out. I couldn't get comfortable on the stools, my circulation was horrible and my feet were swollen. So my brother came and picked me up and took me home. My sister, her friends and Jessica and her friends came to my house once they left hooters to drink some Jager and hang out. I actually had a really good time with everyone! Although I was *very* tired once everyone finally left a little before 1. I have a bunch of pictures from last night.. Here they are:

My sister Heather, Jessica, me and my sister Amber at Hooters

*Best Friends* Jessica and Heather

Jess dropped her beer, therefore she had to chug the next one...

YA! She did it!

Jessica, Heather and 2 random guys, LOLJessie and my pregnant self at Hooters before I left.

Jessica and her friends, hanging out

Jessica's first LEGAL Jager Bomb!

Jessie and my brother, David

Jessica, David and I

More shots...

The Birthday Girl and her Brother

Heather, Jessica, Me, David and Kara

Heather, Jessie, Me, David and Carissa

Belly's!!! Guess which one is preggers!? LOL

It's Love :)

I love this girl! (Heather's face in the background is PRICELESS!!!) LOL

Carissa, Me, Jessie and Heather being silly

My siblings, I love them!

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