Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

Yesterday afternoon, I'm sitting at my vanity in the bathroom, blow drying my hair, and look up to see Michael standing in the door way!!! :-) Such a great surprise! He came home early :) It's always good to have him back home. He figured out what was wrong with the washer.. some switch.. so he rigged it and got it working again. Thankfully! I spent a little time with him yesterday afternoon before heading off to Jennifer's. I felt bad about leaving him, since he came home to see me. But he was dozing off by that point anyway and I had already made plans before he came home. I brought food over to Jens and cooked dinner for her, Jessica and I. It's been some time since us 3 girls have had the opportunity to have a girls night. Jess and I haven't been talking, but things went well last night, so I'm hoping we have all been able to put things behind us and get back to being the besties that we once were. We were able to do a lot of catching up last night and talked a lot about Ava and her arrival. They seem to be just as excited as I am, and that's awesome! Michael and I have been spending time cuddled on the couch today, catching up on our DVR'ed shows. He just ran to get blizzards from Dairy Queen for us :) It's been a pretty relaxing day. Just finishing up some of our laundry and then Ill be washing all of Ava's clothes and putting them away :) Im counting down the days until my baby shower... Im so excited!

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