Friday, January 18, 2008

4D Ultrasound of my little angel

I had my doctors appointment this morning at 10:30. Michael wasnt able to make it to this one, but my mommy and daddy both came with me. When we were in the waiting room waiting on them to call me back for the ultrsound, Ava was moving SO much! She was doing flips, I swear. It was so cute, cuz my daddy was on one side of me with his hand on my belly and my mom was on the other side of me with her hand on my belly and they could feel how much she was moving. But sure enough, as soon as we start doing the ultrasound she didnt wanna move her little hands away from her face. But we were still able to catch a couple of good pics of her before she turned face down and refused to move! We tried everything from shaking my stomache, me jumpin up and down a couple times and even laying on my side. LOL. Guess she has finally gotten comfortable. When the nurse first turned the ultrasound on all I could do was smile, but as soon as she switched it over to the 4D, I cried! It was so real! She just looked so peaceful and so precious! Gosh I cant wait to see my beautiful baby girl. Here are her ulrasound pics:


Melanie said...

Love the pics! I'll warn you now that all of Michael's kids look exactly like him at birth! I think Ava looks like him already. LOL.

Ashley said...

I know! Everyone thinks she has his mouth and my nose, LOL! We shall see. Either way she'll be beautiful :)