Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beginning 2008...

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too well for most of yesterday. I babysat Ethan and Eric for Kim (my dads girlfriend) and just felt pretty worn out and nauseous all day. My dad and Kim showed up around 6 to get the kids and visited until close to 7. My dad told me I was looking a little pale.. So after they left I decided to take a hot bath and try to relax, hoping maybe that would make me feel better... I guess I should start off by saying that I'm not one to throw up, even when I'm sick. So it took my by complete surprise when I felt the sudden need to vomit while in the bath tub. Bummer! Michael came in and had to clean up puke off the floor by the bath tub.. Being fat and pregnant, I just wasn't able to hop out of the tub and run for the toilet. I was pretty bummed about getting sick like that and felt bad that Michael cleaned it up; sweetheart. I felt a little better afterwards though. Michael and I spent the rest of our New Years Eve cuddled on the couch watching JAG episodes until close to midnight. I was able to kiss my love at the beginning of the New Year and then went to sleep! LOL. I was content spending my night at home with my husband and couldn't have been happier to kiss him at midnight. :) It feels really good to make all these first memories with him and the kids. I look forward to many more memories with them all.

P.s.- Sorry for being a bit graphic!

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