Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Do List

This is my 3rd post today...
Ooops :)

I decided to make a To-Do list of things that need to be accomplished before Ava arrives.

To Do List:
--Figure out what we are all going to wear for our Family Portraits on the 9th. DONE
--Call about Cookies obedience classes
--Get Cookie's next set of shots
--Baby Shower InvitationsDONE/MAILED
--Register at Clear Lake Regional DONE
--Buy Nursing Pads/BrasDONE
--Buy needed contents for Hospital BagDONE
--Pack Hospital BagALMOST DONE (just need to put it in bag)
--Buy Ava's "Coming Home Outfit"DONE :)
--Get video camera from Mom
--Clean out hallDONE/master closetDONE
--Move a few boxes to the attic
--Borrow carpet cleaner/clean carpet
--Bring a few baby items to moms house DONE
--Get stuff from scrapbook store for baby announcements
--Take paintings down from playroom and move to pool room DONE
--Clean/Re-arrange garage in order to park car in there DONE
--Wash Baby Clothes and put away in her dresser ALMOST DONE
--Call Pediatrician
After Baby Shower:
--Wash all new stuff (clothes/blankets) DONE
--Put everything in its place DONE
--Figure out what it is I still need and get it **Still want to get a diaper geannie, wipes warmer and s few other things for decorations in Ava's room.

That's all I can think of for right now.. I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. I'll be editing and updating this as things get accomplished and adding to it if I think of anything else.
Due to being on bedrest now (UGH) I am very doubtful that even half of this list will actually be accomplished. Which really sucks and is going to drive me insane! Hopefully I can make it at least 3 weeks with no more problems and by then I should be taken of bed rest and may possibly be able to get some things accomplished before her arrival (Im trying to look on the bright side!)
02/28/08 Update:
I got quite a few things marked off!!! YA! Still have some other things to get done, but Im thinking a couple of them just may have to wait. We shall see...


Shauna said...

So much for the list since you're on bed rest now, huh? lol If you need help completing any of it, call me. :-)

Ashley said...

I know right! BAH!