Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls Night...

...Is at my house tonight. :) I am making spaghetti and garlic bread (I know, I know. I'm taking the easy way out this Sunday) But in my defense, there will be a few more mouths to feed tonight than usual. Although Jeannie and Caity aren't able to make it tonight (bummer) Jennifer and Jessica are coming over around 5 or 5:30 and then Katie and Mandy (new friends from Mommy Club) should be arriving around 6 or 6:30. Katie is bringing a chocolate chip cheesecake (YUM) and Mandi is bringing salad. I originally thought Jeannie and Caity would be coming as well, which is why I chose something as simple as spaghetti to cook. But I'm sticking to the plan anyways! LOL I'm excited to have them all over tonight. I haven't spent much time with Jennifer and Jessica over the last few months due to that fact that we weren't necessarily talking... I'm happy to have them back in my life! :) And of course it's always wonderful to meet new people! Katie and Mandy seem like very nice people. Katie is about 29 weeks pregnant with her first little boy, Mason. Mandy has a little boy named Brandon who will be 1 at the end of February. Katie and I will be having our babies pretty close together as well as Jeannie... YA for play dates!!! :)

Yesterday was a pretty low-key day for us. Morgan and Madison came over and played with Elise for a while until it was definitely noticeable that Elise was well ready for a nap. She played really hard and wore herself out completely. Our neighbor Eric came over and played X-Box 360 with Michael and Tyler for a little while while the kids played. We had to have Elise home at 5. Michael went ahead and dropped her off while I stayed home because he wanted to get a haircut afterwards. Needless to say, the place he gets his haircut at, closes at 4... So instead he went to Best Buy and picked up a new 360 system to switch the hard-drive to b/c his has been giving him problems. Wonderful. At least he stopped by the store for me and picked up some things I needed for dinner tonight. He's been pretty good about doing little things like that for me when he's home, as he knows I really would rather not get out any more than necessary due to the simple fact that it is getting more and more uncomfortable in that car! On the bright side of him purchasing the X-Box 360... I get a pamper day! I started thinking about how *little* i have spent on much of anything lately. I usually stay home while Michael is gone during the week except for an occasional lunch with a friend (i.e. Mommy Club lunch last Friday) . So I told Michael that I really would *love* to have a day to pamper myself. I have been wanting to color my hair back to my normal burgundy or some what close to. I'm just really not digging the blond highlights on me. But hey at least now I know! I also need a trim, although I *really* don't want too! I have been trying to grow my hair back out and its really getting there, only to turn around and trim it! :( Bummer. But I really have got to get rid of these split ends. I am also in dire need of a mani/pedi. Wondering what my husband said to this? "Go for it." I replied "Do you know how much all of that is gonna cost??" Yep, he does. And says it is fine. So I called today and set up a hair appointment for tomorrow at noon. I'm ecstatic! I was trying my best to wait until after Ava was born to dye my hair again due to the simple fact that I have heard numerous things about whether or not it is safe to dye your hair while being pregnant. But after a little research and advise from others, there is no harm in it. So off I go to the salon tomorrow!

In other news, as I stated in my last post, Michael did our taxes. Well. Unfortunately, I have yet to change my last name through the social security office. In my defense, I did drive all the way out to Galveston one day with my sister Amber, only to find that there was a 2 hour wait, no where for me to sit, and no where for me to pee! It smelled so bad in there too! There was no way my big pregnant self was going to lean against the wall, hoping I didn't pee on myself, and breathing out of my mouth in hopes that I wouldn't puke all over the place due to the rank-ass smell! No thanks. So we left. When Michael filed our taxes, he used my new last name instead of my old one and they wouldn't accept it, nor would they allow him to change my last name. In order to file our taxes we have to mail it in now because I have to sign it. Which then means, we will be waiting up to 6 weeks to receive our tax return as opposed to 2. Bummer! Which will also put a delay on purchasing a new vehicle. I'm just hoping that we receive our tax return much sooner than 6 weeks, considering my girl is due to be here in 7 weeks IF she doesn't come early. Which Michael seems to think she will. We shall see.

I should be going now. I am expecting the girls to start showing up in less than 2 hours and I should really pick up around here before then. Hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

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