Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jared!

Last Sunday my Dad and Kim had a birthday party for Jared at Kim's house. Michael left to go out of town and we didn't have the kids, but I still attended. I have a few pictures..

Paw-Paw and Jared

Jared and Kim

Jared, excited about his new toy...

He loved it! :)

And some of the family at Jared's Birthday party...




Aunt Tami, Maw-Maw, and Kim's Mom

Today is Jared's actual birthday. He is now 6 years old! My dad got him for a couple hours tonight before having to take him back to his moms. So Michael, Elise and I picked Tyler up a little before 6 and met my dad and Jared up at Chuck E Cheese's for a little bit of fun. The kids played and we ate pizza of course. I forgot my camera, but here is a photo of Elise riding the Chuck E Cheese's ride:

She was smiling for so long that by the time the ride actually took the picture, she had gotten tired of smiling. LOL But I think it still turned out cute. The kids enjoyed themselves. We came home and all spent some time together. Michael and I showed Elise the 4D ultrasound pics of her little sister Ava, and she even felt Ava kick! She kept putting her head down on my tummy and saying "I love my sister" It was SO cute! Elise and I played with Cookie a little bit while Michael and Tyler played X-Box 360. We then, of course, brushed our teeth and had bath time.

I must admit.. I am exhausted! I met with Mommy Club for the first time today. We went to Casa Ole for lunch. There were 6 of us and 5 little ones. It was actually really fun! I really liked all of them and am really happy to have met some girls around my age that are also becoming Mommy's or already are. They were all so sweet and it almost felt like I had known them forever. I just felt so welcome. I look forward to next Friday with the girls :)

I feel like, between Mommy Club, laundry and picking up around the house, getting the kids, Chuck E Cheese's and doing the bedtime routine with Elise, that I have maxed myself out today. Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it and wouldn't trade any of it for the world... But by the end of the day, my feet are swollen and my back aches like no other! I practically cried this morning because its almost a chore getting dressed now. It sucks having to bend over, and I constantly feel like I'm squashing my belly! I guess I'm just being a little wuss... Just felt like complaining I guess...

I'm really ready for this cold weather to start warming up. Cookie doesn't like going out in the grass to potty when its cold and wet. No matter how long I stand out there and run around in the grass trying to get her to come out and potty, she just wont do it.. instead she goes in my house! UGH! That's so frustrating too! Elise also loves playing outside with the girls next door, Morgan and Madison and just doesn't seem to understand that it's too cold and wet outside. Lol. She thinks that because she has a jacket and shoes on that it's OK. But I really hate for her to be out in this weather anymore than she has too, especially with the cough that she had for some time. I also just want it to warm/dry up because I'm a bit sick of the cold wet weather myself! LOL

Michael did our taxes today.. We should be getting a pretty decent amount back if our calculations are correct :) I'm also getting insurance for myself next week I believe. I need it to make sure that Ava is covered when she is born. We also discussed the vehicle situation. We were going to get rid of the mustang in order to purchase something that would comfortably and safely carry the whole family. But if we were to get rid of the mustang right now, we would end up losing money because we owe more than we could get for it. Michael spoke with Joy from the bank and was told that we could get approved for a loan to cover a new vehicle that way we could keep the mustang long enough to get ahead on the amount owed. I really don't care to keep the mustang, but if its better for us in the long run, then I guess it's fine with me. I'm just happy to be getting something that's big enough for us all. I cant stand riding in Michael's truck! So... we should be getting a new vehicle in the next couple weeks! :) I'm excited. I'm not real sure what we'll be getting, but I would like to look at the Ford Explorers...

Welp, I think that's enough rambling for tonight. It's bedtime! It's gonna feel wonderful to crawl in the bed under the nice warm blankets and fall asleep.. at least for an hour or two until I have to get up to pee! BAH! Goodnight Loves.

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