Monday, December 1, 2008

Catching up...

There's been so much going on since I last posted! I'll sum it up a bit and of course share pictures! :)

We decided to leave for CS on Wednesday after Mike got into town. We made it there around 9:30 and joined the family out on the back porch for some beer and funny stories. It was soo much fun. It just reminds me of all the good times I've had with my family and makes me miss them all the more. Ava caught a cold and wasn't feeling well at all. She slept for a little while and when she woke up around 12:30, we headed over to my grandmothers and crawled into bed.

Thursday morning everyone was running around getting all the dishes together for our HUGE Thanksgiving meal, which was absolutely yummy. We all gathered around in the kitchen for Paw-Paw's prayer and enjoyed a wonderful meal. We didn't stay too much longer, as we wanted to get home fairly early, get unpacked and put the little one to bed at a decent hour.

Michael and I stopped by Hollywood and picked up a couple movies, Wall-e and Demolition Man. We watched most of Demolition Man but for some reason we weren't able to finish it. ;) We got Wall-e to watch with Elise and later found out that Jamie (her step-dad) had taken her to see it at the theater and left because she didn't like it. We ended up putting it on anyway yesterday afternoon and found her standing in the living room with her eyes glued to the T.V. LOL

Friday morning we picked Elise up. The plan was to cook our own Thanksgiving lunch here at home like we did last year but we decided to skip that this year and went to lunch with my Mother-In-Law at Cracker Barrel. She doesn't get to see the kids much so she likes to come by as often as she can when she's in town. It's always great seeing her.

Michael, Elise, Ava and I then headed over to pick out our Christmas tree as well as some poinsettia's for the front porch.

We went grocery shopping and picked up ornaments for Elise, Ava and Michael and I. We let the kids pick out their ornaments each year and soon they will be able to decorate their own little tree with all their ornaments. I like to have a themed tree for our family one. But for now the kids put their ornaments on it too. Tyler wasn't with us, so we'll have to take him to pick one out later on.

Friday night, we made Christmas cookies with Elise. She decorated an "E" for Elise and an "A" for Ava and ate them while I decorated the others. LOL I think they turned out cute!

Saturday morning we dropped Elise off and headed to my cousin Alex's wedding at the ball park. It was, by far, the most creative wedding I have ever attended!

On Sunday Melanie let us have Elise for a few hours so that we could put out our Christmas decorations and do the tree as well. That was practically an all day thing! LOL Of course, I can't focus on one thing without getting distracted and moving on to another thing. I started putting the Christmas decorations out and decided to go ahead and take down the wine rack. A while back Raina had given us a wicker wine rack that I had in the dining area with my shot glass collection and wine glasses, etc. Now that the babies are pulling up on stuff, Michael and I thought it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and take that down. It's actually a lot heavier than I thought it was, but I didn't want to take the chance of them pulling it down on themselves and having all that glass shatter everywhere! That would not be good!

So anyways, I was busy, busy trying to get everything in order and cleaned yesterday and well into the night last night. With some help from my wonderful, gimp husband (Love you Babe!!)

Michael stayed in town with Ava and I last night and got up extremely early this morning to head back out to Columbus. I love when he does that. I am so spoiled. :)

This is his last week out there and then he will be working about 30 minutes from home!!! I'm REALLY excited about this! No more living out of town for now at least! :

Tomorrow morning we are meeting with the lawyer to go over things for our court date next Thursday, so my hubby will be coming back home again tonight! Woo-Hoo!

Michael and I at my Nanny's for Thanksgiving

Ava and Mommy
(Michael had his eyes closed in this picture, so I cropped him out:))

Michael, Ava and I on Thanksgiving

Our girls at Cracker Barrel

Going to pick out our Christmas Tree!

(Elise loves pushing her baby sister in the stroller! And she only ran into a couple of things! LOL)

Ava, Elise and Daddy with our Christmas tree

Our girls with their Dora

Elise and Dora

Decorating Christmas cookies

"Can I eat them now??"

Our Christmas cookies

Our girls and their ornaments

Elise and her ornament

Ava's ornament

Decorating our Christmas Tree:

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