Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again...
So, here is my list of things I most certainly did not do!
  • I did not go through my step-daughters room and get rid of 2 whole boxes of junk that we have accumulated from our neighbor being so kind as to pass their toys down to us. And I most certainly did not get rid of things that I probably shouldn't have just because I am so darn tired of picking them up 195762392 times a day (when she is here) Nope, not me! Cause that would just be mean! I am sure she wont even notice. (hopefully not!)
  • I absolutely did not practice with my daughter on her walking today and she did not take a total of 5 steps at one time. And she certainly didn't take 2-3 steps repeatedly. Cause I would be out of my mind if I really was trying to get to her to start walking already. Right?!
  • Last week, I did not order myself a shirt that was on sale for 5 bucks from Old Navy and pay 7 bucks for shipping. That would be stupid, not to mention selfish, considering Christmas is in 10 days!
  • It most certainly did not SNOW here in Houston, TX! And I did not take my daughter out in the freezing cold, way past her bedtime, to play in the snow. Who does that??
  • I did not completely forget about our Elves on Thursday night after putting Elise to bed. And I did not sneak into the pool room and set our Elves up playing pool while Elise was eating breakfast. And she did not almost catch me! Nope, not even close.

That's it for Not Me! Monday!!! I am sure there are many more things that I absolutely did not do, but that's all that comes to mind as of right now. Stop by this blog for more Not Me! Monday.


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LucieP said...

The best time to clean out stuff is when the mood just creeps up...because if you plan to do it, then I think you get a little more sentimental about it, ya know?!

I love the Elves idea...seriously!

You sound like you're gonna be like me when it comes to the Tooth Fairy's visits!! Oopsie...did I forget?!

Stacie said...

i love this concept...I hope to try it one monday... just NOT this week, or next... ;)

Cloggsy said...

I'm gonna have to do this Not Me thing one day - it's really fun to read!