Sunday, December 21, 2008


I enjoyed a great birthday this year! Just having my love home with me was wonderful in its self. He got up early this morning and picked up donuts, a sonic Dr. Pepper, Orchids (one of my favorite flowers) and a birthday cake and card for me.
The kids gave me a birthday card on Saturday when Elise was here. They all signed their names (even Ava!) and Elise even wrote "Mommy Ashley" on the front of the envelope. So cute!

Michael also gave Ava her bath and I did not have to change one poopy diaper today! (matter of fact, I didn't have to change any diapers today) I could get used to that! LOL

We were able to enjoy a nice, long nap while the baby was sleeping, which was great!

I got numerous text messages and phone calls with wonderful birthday wishes from my family and close friends. (thank you!) And even got a phone call from Elise! :)

My mom, step-dad and my brother and sisters came by and had cake with us. They also brought along a huge balloon that sings happy birthday as well as a gift card to Walgreens photo shop (I can have some pictures printed out now!) and a Chi! (I have been using Amber's Chi. I am sure she will be glad to have hers all to herself again!)

My aunt also stopped by today with a card and my dad and Kim gave me my birthday gifts yesterday.

Thank you to everyone for making my day special. I love you all!
From my love and the kids
Singing Happy Birthday :)

Ava shared her cake with Mommy


What a mess!


~ Miss Jamie ~ said...

I am terribly sorry that I forgot your birthday! I see that it was beautiful and full of family and fun! Maybe next year we can all go out and party ... that is if you and Kathie can keep from being sperminated again! LOL

Much love chick!

Kami said...

Happy Birthday!!!