Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I am about a week late with this post, but it SNOWED here last Wednesday (12-10-08). A group of us went to dinner at Ichiban for my Dad's birthday dinner and that is when it first started snowing. By the time I made it home, it was coming down pretty good. I took a few pictures and decided to bundle Ava up and bring her out to see the snow. Of course, she wont remember it, but at least I have some photos to show her when she gets older, that it snowed the month of her very first Christmas! How cool is that?!

Michael, Amber and I had a snow ball fight, and I attempted to make a snow-man but Michael made fun of it so I gave up. LOL

"Mommy, I wanna come outside too!"

Mommy and Ava-Dec 10, 2008
"This is COLD!"


Aimee' said...

oh wasn't the snow just delightful?! =) i was like a little kid

LucieP said...

ha! These pics are so cute...can't say I'm jealous though! I went to high school in MN and it was rough girl!

Ava looks freaking adorable all bundled up!

Stacie said...

ugh, i am sure to you southerners ;) snow is so cool...but to us up North...it sucks. ;)

Great pictures and you should have made that snowman, laughing hubby or not.

Liam said...

You Southerners crack me up...