Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Portraits

Took Ava to Jc Penny today to get her pictures taken in her Christmas dress. I used my $7.99 coupon again. Wasn't impressed with the photographer at all. It seemed like she was new or something. Another lady was giving her directions the whole time and I didn't really think she did that great of a job at all. They had a beautiful background set up with a fireplace, stocking and a Christmas tree but the photographer cut most of it out in all the pictures. Anyhow, I am only able to get one pose for the package I received with the coupon but at least I'll have one for memory. :) They will be ready next week.

Michael came back into town last night for our meeting with the lawyer this morning at 11am. I'm just so ready for all of this court stuff to be over with. It is so stressful and I feel horrible about it. I know it's the best thing for Tyler, but I feel like a bad person for taking Tyler away from his mother. I can only imagine what she thinks of me now. We never had any problems until all this started. She would come in and talk for a half hour anytime she picked Tyler up. She was always really nice to me. I can only imagine what she must be feeling having to fight to try and keep her son. But personally, her actions don't really show that she cares much anyway. I just don't think it's a good environment for Tyler to be in anymore. If you feel like sending out a special prayer our way that everything works out for the best for Tyler, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted tonight and it's only 9pm. I think I am gonna call my hubby, tell him I love him/goodnight and crawl in bed with my book. For once, I am actually gonna make it an early night tonight.

Goodnight Lovelies.

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