Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Go Texans!!!

Michael's dad called us at 10am on Sunday morning and offered us his Texans tickets to the last game. Of course we accepted! It was really cold out but we bundled the baby up and took her on her very first metro train ride and to her very first Texans game! I am pretty sure that Ava is going to be her Daddy's football buddy. You can have cartoons, movies, music, whatever, on TV and she pays no mind to it. But every Sunday when Michael has the game on she stands there and stares at the TV. She pretty much had her eyes glued to the big screens at the Texans game the whole time we were there.
Mommy and Ava
Her first metro train ride
Daddy and AvaFirst Down!!!
Kissy Fishy face!

She was SO good the whole time. Didn't make a sound!
Finally passed out in the fourth quarter

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Anonymous said...

Of the AFC South teams... I dislike the Texans the least. And they beat the Bears who I hate... so... yeah!