Monday, December 8, 2008

Disappointing Christmas Lights

After picking Elise, Tyler, Harley and Evan up on Friday evening, we all drove through 2 neighborhoods while listening to Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights. We were really disappointed to find that not many families have decorated this year. I am not sure whether they are just getting a late start, or maybe they just don't feel up to it this year. We went to 2 very popular neighborhoods who are known for their awesome Christmas decorations and lights but sadly, there wasn't much too look at. I am hoping that people are just getting a late start and possibly we can try to go one more time before Christmas is over. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Saturday my neighbor Raina came over and snapped a few pictures for our Christmas cards and I then spent like 5 hours working on them! I had originally made them at shutterfly, but then realized that it wasn't something (duh!) that I could just go pick up. They would have mailed them to me in 3-5 business days and I then had to mail them out. That seemed like too much wasted time, as I am already getting a little bit of a late start with them. I didn't get to use the card that I liked with 4 photo spaces but instead had to settle for 2. I ended up making 2 sets of Christmas cards because of this. I wanted one of our family, one of the kids, one of Ava and one of Amber (since she lives with us and all) Well, it didn't quite work out that way. So anyways, I made one card with our family picture and the picture of the kids. I also made a "Babies 1st Christmas" card with Ava's picture on it and I am sending both the cards out together, this morning.

Sunday, Michael's best friend Chris came over to watch the Texans game with him. We went to the store and got some steaks to throw on the grill. While they were doing that, Ava and I headed over to my mom's to visit for a little bit and that's when she took her first steps. Her Daddy was sad that he missed it though :(

Michael headed to Columbus this morning to finish the job off and is coming back home tonight. He will be starting another job really close to home on Tuesday, so no more out of town business for now. :)


Stacie said... least you got the cards nope. no pictures for ours yet. dang it.

~ Miss Jamie ~ said...

I noticed the same thing with the Christmas lights this year too ... I think people just don't have the extra "light-bill" money this year. Bummer.