Monday, December 8, 2008

Introducing: Not Me! Monday

I am joining in on the blogger fun of Not Me! Mondays! Check out MckMamma's blog and her list of other Not Me! Monday bloggers. You can also click on the Not Me! Monday button on the left hand side of my blog. Check it out and join in on the fun of Not Me! Mondays.

  • I did NOT spend hours perfectly creating our family Christmas cards only to find out that I had to settle for something other than what I actually wanted! Nope, sure didn't

  • I did NOT put my daughter to bed last night without a bath because I just didn't feel like giving her one. Nope, I'd NEVER do that.

  • I have NOT totally neglected doing my daughters laundry for so long that the hamper is now over flowing and she is running out of clothes to wear.

  • I did NOT spend my weekend doing everything BUT cleaning and I did NOT let my husband take on all the household chores this weekend. I would NEVER do that to him!

  • I did NOT stay up until almost 1am last night and I am NOT wishing that I hadn't.

Well, that is all the things I DID NOT do, that I have to add to my list for now. Hopefully, I'll get a little better at this with some practice. :)

What didn't YOU do???


LucieP said...

oh the bath's cold...she probably wasn't too sweaty yesterday anyway, right?!
I have the same

Stacie said...

these are cute. :D