Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas decorations

You would not believe how messy our house was! Michael, Tyler and I took a trip out to Elkhart with a U-haul, to Mikes moms house last weekend. She gave us a bunch of furniture for the house, a 'Texas style' bedroom set for Tyler, as well as a few Christmas decorations and a new Thomas Kinkade painting. We didn't get back until late on Saturday and then Michael left Sunday evening to go out of town. Before he left, he took Tyler's old bedroom set down and put the one from his mom together.. We also hung a few paintings and drug out all the Christmas decorations. But needless to say, not much had been accomplished when Michael left Sunday evening. We had boxes of Christmas decorations piled in the entry way (you couldn't even open the front door!) and boxes and bags of things from his mothers that hadn't yet been unpacked. Elise's room was a mess still because I hadn't had a chance to clean it after she left. The pool table was covered in crap! I really don't think our house has been that messy since we moved in! So... last night I decided to make myself useful. I started at 4pm and didn't finish until 10:30pm! I put up all of the Christmas decorations (except for the tree ornaments.. I saved that for us to do with the kids) I got everything put in its place. Picked up Elise's room. I even went out to the garage and re-arranged everything and swept the whole thing! I also hung some picture's on the wall and stuff. I was really impressed with the place one I finished. It looks great in here.. and so does the garage! LOL I took a couple pictures of our Christmas decorations so far. Ill have some of the tree after the kids decorate it tonight.

Right now I have the JOY stocking hangers up on the mantel, but I would like to get one that says NOEL so that we can hang all 4 of our stockings up together.

Here's a closer look... You can also see the Thomas Kinkade painting above the mantel, that Mikes mother gave us for our wedding gift. I love Thomas Kinkade!

There's a picture of the bar. The angel on the left was also given to us by Michael's mom.

Our 'Let it Snow' December calendar, hanging on the wall, and our kitchen table..

And last, but certainly not least... Our front door! I love how you can see my reflection. Haha!

We will also be putting lights and stuff outside, but I'm pretty sure Michael wouldn't have been too happy if my pregnant self tried to do that myself. LOL!

Oh, by the way.. Michael was in Corpus Christi this week and wasn't supposed to be home until Friday (today) around 5 to pick Elise up.. But he called me last night around 7 and told me he was on his way home early to come see me! :-) It was good to have him back a day early. I sure did miss him..

Well, I'm sure I'll have lots of new pictures after this weekend... I definitely have to try out my new camera :-)


Melanie said...

Hey, I recognize a lot of that *that* is what happened to all my Christmas stuff! looks nice. :-)

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