Saturday, December 1, 2007


Michael and I picked Tyler and Elise up today. We all went to Target to get some new Christmas ornaments for the tree as well as some stockings. We ordered Pizza Hut pizza and went home to make s'mores with the kids. Michael took some photos of us making our s'mores...

Elise loves marshmallows!
Tyler and Elise getting ready to make S'mores!Tyler enjoying his S'more

Silly Boy YUM!
As you can see, Elise has S'more all over her face! She enjoyed hers as well.
We were going to let the kids decorate the tree tonight, but decided to let them do it tomorrow morning after breakfast. We are also taking them to church where they will have a petting zoo for the kids. We are going with Mikes sister Tracy, and the girls. Tracy's birthday was on the 28th and I haven't seen her yet to give her a birthday card! It'll be fun to spend some time with her and the kids tomorrow.
Well, I'm very sleepy tonight... the bed is calling my name! Have a wonderful weekend.

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