Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Family Christmas

I must say that I enjoyed my first Christmas with Michael, Tyler and Elise. We picked up Elise around 11:30ish on Christmas morning and Tyler right after. Melanie gave us a homemade card that her and Elise made for Michael and I. There was also her school Christmas picture in it and she even wrote her name! It was really cute and really sweet! I have already filed it in the filing cabinet to keep! ....Michael and I decided to let the kids open half of their presents from him and I and the other half Santa brought the next morning :) So once we got home from picking them up we all opened presents. The kids got a lot more than I had originally thought which was good! :) After we had our Christmas here, we went to my mothers house so the kids were able to open the presents from her and my grandparents. And then my dad, Kim and the boys came by our house to pick up their gifts. We set up Tyler and Elise's TVs in their rooms and just hung out playing with new toys all day. You could tell Elise was worn out from all of the holiday festivities. Poor thing. But she still had a good time. Her and I decorated some Christmas cookies for Santa and then woke up the next morning and had another Christmas with the kids. Lol! It has taken me a few days to put this post up due to the simple fact that I had so many photos to upload and also didn't feel like trying to summarize our Christmas into a short blog post. But anyways, the day after Christmas, Michael's mom came by to drop Nick off to stay the rest of the week and we also had a gift for her as well. I picked up a picture frame from the crafts section at Walmart and painted it this metallic copper color. I painted "Family" at the top and "We love you" at the bottom and put a picture of Michael, the kids and I. I also made her a Key holder and super glued some crosses on it. Anyways, they turned out really nice. :) I was pleased with our holidays and really enjoyed watching the kids open their presents! Here are the photos!!! Enjoy...


Tyler, Elise and I on Christmas Day

Michael, Tyler, Elise and I on Christmas Day. Michael was still in the middle of saying "CHEESE" His face is priceless! :)

Daddy helping Elise open one of her presents.

Elise unwrapping her Dora and Princess movies

Tyler opening his CD case. Now he has NO excuse for leaving XBox 360 games all over the place! LOL

Elise's Dora bowl, plate and cup set

Tyler and his new TV

Elise and her new TV. We wanted to get her the princess TV but waited till the last minute to get their TV's that we weren't able to find it.

Elise helping me open my present from Michael

She had to use her tool to open it! HaHa

It's a pretty fossil watch! :)

Elise playing in her new princess tent

Playing in her tent with her new "puppy" that she named Matty.

Sitting in her new Princess chair with her new princess blanket watching Dora on her new TV!!!

She looks so cute!

Elise playing with her twin babies that she named Jack and Jill! LOL


Elise opening her present from Amber at Grandma Angela's house

Tyler opening his present from my mom, Grandma Angela

Elise with her new shopping cart from Grandma Angela

Tyler opening presents

Elise put our puppy, Cookie in the baby dolls play pen and carried it around the living room at my moms house! It was SO cute! Poor puppy! LOL

Elise, Daddy and Cookie

Michael, Cookie and I at my moms house

Cookie sleeping in my arms


Elise decorating cookies before bed on Christmas night

Helping Elise decorate cookies for Santa
Elise ready to see what Santa brought for her!
Daddy and Elise-Dec.26th

Tyler, Daddy and Elise ready to open presents from Santa (Dec.26th)

She loved her new phone!

And her new lip gloss...

This was on our way to take Elise back home. She is talking on her new phone and pimpin daddy's shades! LOL! ADORABLE!
Michael and I weren't going to exchange gifts this year, but since it was our first Christmas and all, I couldn't resist.. and he couldn't either, obviously. LOL :) Here is a picture of the necklace he got me to match the bracelet He got for my birthday.. He also got me a memory card for the camera my sister got me and a new fossil watch with a pink face! :)
I got him the Call of Duty4 game for X-Box 360, a Texans t-shirt and Texans pajama pants as well as a new Texans bag to carry his soap and tooth brush, etc. when he goes out of town. I also got him a really nice new poker set, some cologne from Hollister, boxers and a new hat. He also got some stocking stuffers as well.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays and thank you all for the wonderful holiday wishes!


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Looks like a good time! My girl is going to be SO rotten! She's very lucky. :)

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