Friday, November 16, 2007


Michael told me to call the doctor today and tell them about the pain I was having.. I told him I would rather just wait until Monday when I went in for my appointment, but he insisted. So I called. The nurse told me that Dr. Taylor wanted me to check into Clear Lake for some ultrasounds. I got there at about noon and was not able to leave until a little after 9 tonight. The reason for this was because I had eaten a bowl of cereal before I went in and they said I had to wait about 8 hours before they could do the abdomen ultrasound. So I waited... and waited... and waited. Michael came up there and sat with me and my mom did as well. First they did the ultrasound of the baby and everything was fine. The last ultrasound I had, she was breech, but her head has moved down into my cervix which is great. I was really worried about a c-section. They also did an abdomen ultrasound and later found out that my right kidney was inflamed which is what was causing the uncomfortable pain I was having. They gave me a shot of antibiotics in my bottom which hurt! I've never had a shot that hurt so bad before in my life. Lol! They also gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. Its been a really long day.. but I'm very glad to know that it wasn't anything to major and not anything that harmed the baby.

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