Friday, November 30, 2007

New camera!

My sister Heather bought me a new camera for my wedding/birthday present! We have Mikes old camera, but I really wanted a new one of my own. So, my lovely, sweet little sister bought me one! She got the Sony Cyber-shot camera and I LOVE it! Now whether she will admitt it or not, I know she couldn't really afford it right now. I felt bad taking it. Heather is such a good person with a big heart and I know it was eating her up that she hadnt been able to get us a wedding gift. I kept trying to tell her that it didnt matter! Her being my maid-of-honor was the best gift she could have given me. Im so proud to call her my sister and appreciate her kindness more than she will ever know. Thank you Heather! I love you lil sis!

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