Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sleepless Night

Yesterday I had these really uncomfortable cramps starting from the lower area of my stomach on my right side. It went all the way up to right above my hip and down to my lower back. It almost felt like menstrual cramps. I kept waiting for them to go away but they never did. They got worse. Mike was asleep by the time I went to bed and I almost woke him up, because I was hurting so bad I wanted to cry. It scares me to have cramps and things because I'm always afraid something is wrong. But I felt Ava moving, so I just laid in bed and tossed and turned ALL night! I literally got no sleep! I got up with Michael at 5 this morning and he called his sister Tracy. She said I should start taking Magnesium pills...?? But I think I'm gonna wait and ask my doctor on Monday about that. Anyways, I know being pregnant is uncomfortable and all, but I just wasn't expecting that last night. It just didn't feel right. But then again, I have no clue what "feeling right" is while being pregnant. Lol. The cramps and aches and pains aren't so bad today as they were last night, but they're still there. Guess this is the beginning to numerous sleepless nights.

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