Saturday, November 3, 2007

Weekend Fun

Mike went by my mothers house on his way home from work to pick up a few things for Elise. My mom cleaned out Harley and Evans rooms and got rid of some of their toys. Evan had a tool/work bench that we thought Elise might enjoy using to work with daddy. She's always wanting to help him. We also got some dress up shoes from Harley, a toy box, and a babydoll crib and high chair. So after we picked Elise up on Friday and told her that she had some new toys from harley and evan, she was pretty excited about seeing them. She wore her dressup shoes around the house all day and didnt want to take them off when we left the house to go get Harley and Evan! And she actually has played with her tools all day! I got some cute pictures of her workin on my car with daddy...

And here are a few of her playing at her work bench:

We actually had to put her down for a nap today, she was so worn out! I also have a couple pictures of Tyler and Elise playing together that I thought was cute. It's not often that Tyler actually pays much attention to her. So I had to get a photo of it!We are now watching The Santa Trap and having a chocolate chip cookie. I love our weekends with the kids :)

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