Monday, November 19, 2007

Evan turns 7!

Today was my little brother, Evans 7Th birthday!
This morning I met my Dad, Kim and the boys at church for Sunday worship. Mike stayed home with Tyler this Sunday because Tyler had nothing to wear to church. Literally! Plus, Mike and the neighbor Eric had some mulch delivered to the house, so they were trying to put that in the flower beds and such. The service this morning was pretty good. I did a lot of thinking and praying more than listening though I think. There's just been a lot on my mind lately.

After church I picked Michael and Tyler up and we headed over to my Moms house for Evans birthday party. He sure did get lots of gifts this year! :) Michael and I got him a whole bunch of Spiderman things... a puzzle, cards, action figure, a Spiderman book and another pretty cool Spiderman toy. He mostly got Transformer, Star wars and Spiderman toys! Lol. Mom and Corey got him Guitar Hero III! He was extremely excited about that! The party went well. We were there for 2 1/2 hours and finally had to leave. Michael was nice enough to miss his Texans game in order to be present for Evans birthday, LOL. So we headed home and Michael rushed through the game (he DVR'ed it) and then had to head out for Corpus Christi for work. Before I get too ahead of myself, here are a couple pictures from Evans birthday party...

The Spiderman toy in this picture above is one of the toys Michael, Tyler, Elise and I got for him.

And in the photo below is a gun of Tyler's that he wanted to give to Evan, Lol. I thought that was really sweet of him.

And of course a Spiderman cake as well!

Michael and I were supposed to take Tyler home today, but he decided that he wanted to say here with me tonight. His mom didn't mind, so I took him with me to Wal-mart after Mike left. Tyler has not one pair of pants here that fit him. No joke. It's sad actually. But anyways, we picked up a couple of pairs of wind pants for him at Walmart tonight, just to hold him over for now until we can get some clothes for both him and Elise. I'll be so glad when we catch up financially. I haven't even been able to do ANY Christmas shopping what-so-ever. It's a bit depressing actually. But anyways, when Michael and I went to Tyler's parent/teacher conference on Friday, one of their main complaints was the fact that Tyler would not come to class prepared. He never brought and pencils with him and was constantly taking theirs and sharpening them numerous times during class which was disruptive. So while Tyler and I were at Walmart, I bought 2 packages of pencils, a package of erasers, and 5 small pencil sharpeners for him. I'm going to put them in bags for each one of his classes and bring them to his teachers on Monday. I'm hoping this will help out a little.

I picked up a bunch of small hangers the other day so that I can hang up all of the baby clothes that I have so far! It's getting a bit late already, but I think I'm going to stay up a bit longer and work on going through Michael's clothes. He has SO many that he doesn't wear and said today he needed to get rid of a bunch. Ava doesn't have a closet in her room so we have to make some room for her in ours. Once I get rid of all the maternity clothes that I have in there, we should be ok. Anyways, off I go. Have a great week everyone.

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