Sunday, November 18, 2007


Michael and I had Elise this weekend as well as Tyler. Unfortunately, we only had Elise Friday night and had to have her home by 11 Saturday morning instead of the usual 6pm. But we are lucky to have her for as long as we do now, so it wasn't a problem. Melanie has really been generous with our time with Elise. We will be getting her Thursday morning for Thanksgiving and will bring her back home sometime in the early afternoon so that she can go to Melanie's parents for Thanksgiving there as well. But Melanie is also allowing us to pick her up Friday afternoon for Thanksgiving at my dads house. I'm really glad that she has been giving us a little more time with Elise whenever she can. But anyways, now to the subject of this post.. "Makeup" ... Elise decided to sit in the bathroom with me this morning while I did my makeup. Every time I would pick something up (brush, eyeliner, etc) she would ask "Can I do that?" I finally gave her one of the brushes I have that I never use. So she sat with me and put some makeup on with me, or so she thought. I had Michael grab the camera for me because I just couldn't pass up how cute she looked! Here are a couple pictures of her 'doing her makeup' :)

Like I said before, we didn't have a whole lot of time with her this weekend, but Friday night while I was cooking dinner, she played with her stuffed animals in the living room. It was SO cute listening to her. She was putting them down for a nap and one of the stuffed animals bit the other so she had to put it in time out, and she was talking to it asking "Why did you do that, that's not nice" It was pretty entertaining watching her. Lol!
We let her ride her Jeep with the neighbors Madison and Morgan for a little while this morning before taking her home. She had a cough when we picked her up but it seemed to have gotten worse today. We gave her medicine last night and this morning. I hope we can get rid of it soon, poor thing.
I was thinking about how I don't write much of anything about Tyler on here, and it almost made me feel as though I was showing some bit of favoritism towards Elise. I just wanted to establish that that is not the case. I grew up for years with a step-mother who played favorites beyond belief. It was such a horrible feeling for my sister and I.. but that's a whole different story. Tyler is 12 years old now, so he kind of does his own thing most of the time. Although he has been grounded lately which gives him no other choice but to hang with Dad, Me and Elise. Bummer! LoL.
Michael and I met Melanie (Tyler and Elise have different moms, and both of their names are Melanie, for those of you who don't already know that) and Tyler at the school at 8:15 on Friday morning for a meeting with his teachers and his counselor. I guess I should start off by saying that Tyler has been taking medication for ADD of maybe its ADHD, I forget which one it is. But any who, his teachers have been emailing us about Tyler's unacceptable behavior at school. I don't want to go into too much detail, because I'm not real sure that its my place. I probably shouldn't say it, but I'm going to anyways... I do not, in any way, agree with the fact that his mother uses his ADD as an excuse for all of his actions. She went into that meeting with that attitude and actually kind of went off on the teachers. Just so you know, Tyler was present for this whole meeting! I just feel that you cannot sit there and try to teach your child to be respectful to his elders if you yourself cannot. I sat through the meeting, not saying much, because, again, I don't want to cross the line in any way. I express my feelings on this matter with Michael, and we have talked with Tyler a lot about it, but it just doesn't seem to help. Michael had mentioned Tyler coming to stay with us, but his mom isn't going for that. I just think he need more discipline and he needs some help. He doesn't need to feel like he is different from every other kids at that school. Because he isn't. Tyler is VERY intelligent and I'm just so worried about the path he his headed down. Anyways, I could say so much more, and I probably didn't do very well explaining the situation, but this is why I don't write much about Tyler, because the things that are going on with him.. I just don't feel that I should discuss openly I guess. Ive already crossed the line with Elise by saying that she was experiencing the "only-child syndrome" and in no way was that meant to hurt any ones feelings. I definitely did not chose the right words in trying to express what I meant.
Ive rambled. I'm bad about that. Guess I should be going now... I don't know what the deal is, but my right side is hurting me pretty bad this evening. It was much better yesterday but it seems the pain has returned. Michael and I visited his sister Tracy and the kids earlier today.. I picked Hannah up (shes so heavy!) and I'm wondering if that irritated something.. or pulled a muscle. I'm not real sure, but all I know is the bed is calling my name for sure. Hope this ache goes away tomorrow!
Goodnight loves.
P.s.-Before I go, I just remembered... When Michael and I dropped Elise off at her moms today, Melanie gave us a bag of clothes from when Elise was little. She thought we may want to use them for Ava. I thought that was a really nice gesture and it was greatly appreciated. I think it will be nice for Ava to wear some of her big sisters clothes. :) So again, thank you Melanie!


Melanie said...

I sent you an email about that situation...I could go on and on! On the make-up...she does the same thing to me! She LOVES make-up. We got her a little kit for her birthday and she went was *everywhere*! LOL

Ashley said...

Thanks Mel! I got your email and responded to it. :) Have a great week!

P.s- You are my first and only one to comment on ANY of my blogs! Woo-hoo! Thanks Mel! LOL