Monday, January 26, 2009

Zoo Trip-- Jan. 21, 2009

Amber, Courtney and I took Ava and Chloe for their first trip to the Zoo last Wednesday. They are still a little young to enjoy it a whole lot, but they still had fun. Ava didn't care for the petting zoo but Chloe loved it. Ava isn't usually scared of anything, so I think it had more to do with her being tired, but either way, she didn't want to pet the animals. Chloe walked around the petting zoo, talking to the animals like she owned the place. LOL. Here are some pictures of the girls and a few of the animals we saw while we were there. (my camera battery ended up dying on me.)

Ava and Chloe's first trip to the zoo!

Sucking on french fries

Pink Flamingo's

Pretty girl


Courtney and Amber


Me and the girls
My girl

Albino Alligator (or is it a Crocodile?)

The munchkins



Andi and Larry's pretty "Monkey" :)

Beautiful girl
The petting zoo
Mommy and Ava at the Petting Zoo
Chloe at the petting zoo


Andi said...

I lovee all the pictures...thanks for taking Chloe. She loved it, from what I can tell! Ha.

You are the best. Chloe loves you and I love you Bestie!

Thanks for everything!

Stacie said...

holy hell that is a lot of pictures.

um, hey, I suck, can I have your address again?